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Thank you, thank you, thank you for having made the site.

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Yeah, there need to be MORE conversations about how Reagan was an asshole, not fewer. If only to counterbalance the ongoing revisionist hagiography of the jerk. When we get to the point where Hilary praised Nancy's nonexistent AIDs work, we need some shouting from the rooftops.

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Yeah, they try to address it by saying the destruction of the first Avengers movie caused real estate prices and the local economy to tank, but realistically those properties would have been snatched up and converted to luxury condos in a heartbeat. In the second series, I was very amused at the thought of an honest to god biker bar, with bikes parked outside, peopled by criminal bikers (as opposed to hedge fund managers pretending to be bikers) actually existing in Manhattan.

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Plus, swimming when he could walk.

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I've been on the other side of this, where I was navigating that decision. Some people assumed that because I was spending a lot of money on treatment that I was torturing the cat. But really, no one knew the cat's well-being more than I did after living together for 16 years. I knew when she was suffering and not suffering. It was almost literally all I thought about. But I wasn't in denial about having to make that decision (which I eventually did).

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If I've actually interviewed, I reply with a polite note thanking them for the opportunity. Who knows, you may work or interact with them in the future. Plus, writing polite notes while in a vengeful rage/crushing sadness is good practice for the job you do wind up getting.

I just had the second interview for a job and they wouldn't even ballpark a guess as to when they would be getting back to me.

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I am possibly also misremembering. I think it was after the rape but before the mom's dead revelation. She's threatening to report him as a rapist. Played in the movie but not the book as humorously teasing. He then tells her that her mother is dead in order to control her.

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This was also done in the Adrian Lyne movie version. The morning after her first rape in the book, Lolita is crying, screaming, and trying to get away at the gas station. It underlines the difference between Humbert's delusions and reality. In the movie, they changed her to laughing and teasing because they were worried it would make Humbert too unsympathetic.

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Teal and purple! This has been the way at REI since the '80s. At least those colors were Miami Vice fashionable at the time. At least as a middling-size woman, I had the option of buying men's gear and making slight alterations (I sewed up the fly on many pairs of thermal underwear).

My first wetsuit was pink. And I could not find any waders to fit my feet back then; I wound up buying ones large enough that I could wear with shoes on underneath.