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Thanks Clinton! I'll tell folks on the CCC email list.

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Great audio interviews for Chapel Hill Startup Weekend! Thanks for doing this Gwen. Your yoga and positive energy was essential and a wonderful balancing force.

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I like this idea a lot. I think real estate people would love it too. There are many unused microspaces all over. (under 200 sqft) Also it would dovetail into my Coworking business really well. :)

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The example URL should be

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The Idea: Your Town - make suggestions get answers from your local town government. PARTICIPATE!

The Concept: Create a social website like but for local government. Increase participation in the democratic process, increase transparency, find answers, learn more about the black box that is Town process and policy. Local community forms like blogs are great but a wealth of knowledge gets buried in a database and is often times hard to extract and connect to form context.

The Money: The software should be released under a open license like the GPL. Then hosted subscriptions could be sold. (ala 37 signals basecamp) Target market is local governments, Town managers, IT managers, and local citizen groups.

Why it would work: There is a serious need for good software tools that help citizens and their government interact. Right now local governments are beginning to understanding the social/political value of the Internet and are looking for good tools. Plus people are starved for information about the inner workings of their local government. Software like this could create a knowledge base and connect citizens with town staff.

*** Props to Coreyr. This is his idea. I just put it up here. Feel free to correct and or add to my post dude! ***