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I just imported all the old comments to ID from WordPress, but nothing is showing up in posts that had comments. When it did it, it said it did it without any problems, and there were zero errors. I do see the ID stuff on the old pages that had comments, but the comments are gone from the page itself. If I go to the Comments page, I see all the old comments are still there, so that allowed me to revert to Posts without comments and the old posts showed up again as they were before...unless it takes a while after the import for them to filter through the system.javascript: postComment(0);

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16 years ago @ Brian A. Thomas .com - New Comment System May... · 0 replies · +1 points

Email sent, though basically it amounts to letting the [something] context [/something] pass properly so WordPress sees them, or implement your own coding syntax highligher akin to iG:Syntax Hiliter.

The rest I posted on the General Comments section of the ID Forum, and repeated in the email.

The last one was to add a Recent Comments plugin, or to allow it to pass through to WordPress's normal recent comments list.

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Okay, as of now, is not compatible with iG:Syntax Hiliter, I just did a test comment on my blog and it shows the [csharp] code then the [/csharp]. I don't know if this is something the plugin will have to fix, of if this is something you can fix.

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This is just a test of the new comment system to see how it handles code with the iG:Syntax Hiliter plugin:

[csharp] public static bool PM




return pm;




pm = value;



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I have a plugin (iG:Syntax Hiliter) on my website that allows people to enter code into their comment, they simply put up the language in brackets (for example [language] code [/language]), then it color codes the source code . Does anyone know if ID is compatible with this plugin? Not that I post much code, nor get much code back. :).

I may install it and test it out and report to you just how well it works.

I didn't see how it works with Akismet, does this pass that system by?

Meanwhile, as I post this anonymously, I see one suggestion. Allow the person to choose if they want to track replies or not. It looks like it is automatic now, but perhaps default the check box to track replies, but allow them to opt out.

Also, it should show what fields are required and which are not. This perhaps can be configured by the blogger or website user, where they have the required fields marked either in bold, with an astrix or both.

Also the OpenID link probably should add a "What is this?" where the "NEW" currently is, then popup just like the "Why?" does in the Create an account does.

Otherwise it looks like a cool system.