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Not sure if anyone posted this before, but for those questioning why 12 episodes:

- Mike & Bryan get the green light to make 12 episodes of LoK.
-Midway through production, Nick changes their mind and gives them 14 more to make a "full season". Since they're are already in production, they continue with the 12 episode story they had and start coming up with an idea for a 14 episode story.
-LoK comes out and kicks ass.
-Nick orders another full season of 26 episodes.
-Mike & Bryan, who are already midway through Book 2, continue their 14 episode story and start coming up with Books 3&4.
-The Fandom facepalms as we all knew that Korra would be the shit and Nick is stupid to think it wouldn't have been (but awesome for letting Avatar and LoK exist).

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I really like Riley. I'm really happy he found someone he loves that makes him happy :)

I just feel the need to say that in the midst of all the Riley hate :)

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I'm sorry to say that there was a point in my life where hatred had so utterly taken over that I commonly thought of taking the life of a certain human being. I'm not a violent person by nature at all and this was pure emotion driving this. And it's a scary thing to look back on and I'm so amazingly relieved that's that period is over and that nothing happened. But suffice to say I can almost see where Anya came from. D'hoffryn preys on people who are in such intense pain (like Willow in Season 4) and nurtures that pain till it's all they know. I feel like Anya's more in withdrawal than anything else. Over the past few years she's slowly become a happy more healthy individual. Though as we saw in Tabula Rasa, it's not all gone. She still feels the need to seek vengeance ;)

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I really feel like Joss is walking a line with souls in this mythology. On one hand they're almost completely metaphorical. To have, gain or loose a soul has more to do with a character's empathy than their spirit. But they're also a literal object that is commonly taken and restored in this universe. I think the waters get a little bit muddied as the two series continue. We've been introduced to friendly demons, vampires in love and humans that are are very, very evil. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone's written a paper on souls in the Buffyverse, it's an interesting topic.

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I completely agree. I think William's personality is really strong in Spike. Hopeless romantic, poet, geek. He and Willow have a lot in common I think since once he becomes a vampire he tries desperately to shed his past life by changing his accent and his look and his attitude. Very much the way Willow is currently struggling to hide her past geeky self with power and magic. But in the end they're still that person they once were.

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Spike's lack of soul and the lack of explanation of what a soul means makes his character really difficult. We know his human personality was a hopeless romantic and that's obviously carried over to his vampire self. We know he "loves" Buffy. But we don't know if that's real love or just powerful lust and remnants of his personality. Human love can be selfish and destructive, so is that any different from what Spike is displaying? And then to top it all off we have to add his "demon" into al this. Where does it stand on the loving Buffy front? Maybe William loves Buffy and Spike wants to cause her pain and this is what happens when they meet? The possiblities are endless and can make my head spin, and it's also what makes Spike one of most interesting characters of the series (IMO).

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While it's very possible that Spike's characterizations (good? selfish? both?) could be spotty writing. I think the biggest problem is the soul. The idea of a soul in the Buffy-verse is HUGE. It's Angel's driving force, it's the reason a teenager can kill people on network TV. It's a giant part of the mythos being explored here. But it has yet to be actually discussed. What is a soul? What does it do? What does a lack of one mean? We have characters like Lorne who is clearly a swell guy. Does he have a soul? Is it just his "deviant" personality that makes him swell? If he has one, why does his species get one and not other demon species?

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Just like to point out ( this is the first time I actually noticed it) that when Dawn is about to be scolded by Giles, she's holding the letterman jacket in her arms and kind of caressing it a little. Poor Dawnie! Her first kiss with a guy she likes who likes her back, who gave her his jacket so she wouldn't be cold, and not only is she embarrassingly interupted in the middle of her date by pretyy much her entire "family" but she also has to stake the guy.

Buffy is in a PERFECT position to give her advice and solace. She's fricken been through this shit! And not that Giles isn't a good advice giver (See the speech rom Innocence) But Buffy is her sister! No wonder Dawn's looking to petty theft and vamps on the street for attention :(