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And this will be remembered as the first shot in the second revolution. And I sincerely hope it stays a revolution of ideas....

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proud to say that in spite of much pressure from friends, Ive never watched this show. It feels good to be justified!

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Another argument in favor of carrying concealed!!! My glock 30 would have ended that situation with 5 rounds to spare...

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Well I wouldnt put it past him...One can only hope the american people would do the right thing at that point!

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Well her acting (and Shia's) ruined Transformers 2. This isnt a surprise this movie tanked due tot he fact that people are sick to death of teen scream movies. Doubling down on the suckage by putting her in the lead sealed the deal! How is it that Hollywood misses this? (rhetorical question)

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If these fools arent careful the tree of liberty is going to get watered. and I pray nothing like that happens but my god they are playing with fire.

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Ya know why cant we just have a show with out getting preached at from one side or another. I know what I believe, and I dont need to receive affirmation or criticism. I just want a show to be a show.

Having said that. It did seem that V was a rather stinging commentary on the dangers of a nanny state. :-)

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Glenn Beck/American People - 1
Obama Oligarchy - 0

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This is amazing news, because it proves WE THE PEOPLE have a voice they fear!

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Why in Hell would I mourn the passing of a drunk, corrupt, murdering, oligarch. I have no respect for the man professionally or personally. He has done more to reshape the United States into a progressive La-La Land than protect was set forth by the founders and THAT makes him a violator of his Senatorial oath of office. The fact that he is dead gives me a glimmer of hope that a dynasty has died with him. Bye Teddy, I hope you are answering for a lot right now.