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you're in Toronto right now?!?!?!?!!?!

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I once wrote an essay interpreting an e.e. cummings poem as being about death. apparently it was about love. same thing amirite guys? apparently not, I got a 25% on the paper. grumbles.

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What I wonder about this is for people who see HBC as a not-great option. Like for me, I was taking ortho lo (I think?) which has one of the lowest doses of hormones on the market, and it made me feel absolutely crazy and depressed all the time. Another example would be somebody who is really opposed to big pharma and would think that any medication is worse than body irregularities. Although developing uterine cancer over time sounds pretty terrible, I think I would be really hard-pressed to successfully encourage the person I'm thinking of to start putting artificial hormones into their body. :-\

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seriously though y'all, diva cups.


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I'm currently motivated by an awesome new job that keeps me busy! and keeps me on my feet! and keeps me learning! where my coworkers are social! and my supervisor expresses her appreciation with gift cards! <3 <3 <3

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Well this is perfect. DADS.

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can we talk about how australians can get infinitely renewable 2 year work VISAs? Seriously folks, Whistler is overrun with aussies, and all they have to do when the 2 years is up (apparently) is like drive down to seattle for a bit then re-enter. WTF AUSTRALIA HOW ARE YOU SO COOOOL.

so how am I doing on the meet cute australians factor? well one of my roomies is cute and australian, and he has a friend who is cute and australian. So, working on it.

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yeah I don't really think there are TOO obvious differences in pronunciation for most people, although I do say "eh?" a lot.

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I would definitely be interested like here is a question - say you were driving through a neighbourhood in chicago and got some sweet air on a speed bump and caused your bike rack and bike to come flying off your car ... and it seems that the front wheel ... brackets ... doo dads may be slightly bent out of shape. is that fixable? the front wheel is not on the bike, hence the bending. also the speed bump hence.

I just lean on it until it's back in the right place right?!

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it's all very exciting! I'm in Cleveland now. I'm moving to Whistler to live with my sister and be a ski bum and learn how to reject corporate society and become one with the trees! Something like that. It's already snowing there!

Also my bike has still not been stolen! :D