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The WWE warehouse sounds like a wet dream.

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I guess we at least get to enjoy Maffew bringing back his Botchamania Booker T segments.

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My hope is that's Aiden goes to NXT and gets a single push before being fed to the main roster. Needs to redevelop himself as a single competitor. Always liked his work, just want to see them take it safe.

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Shelton is what NXT needs right now, and vice versa. Would love to see him get another shot!

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Contract ladder match? Idk. Whatever.

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Should clarify. Not being negative to be negative. Some solid moments, just felt like a really disjointed show that made it hard to keep up with. I mean, Roman was yelling for Taker and then the arena went dark to a commercial in what seemed to be the middle of his promo.

It was just weird.

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A really boring Raw to attend. Sure, full of one second moments but not an ounce of match quality. There's usually at least one OK match. Instead, we had the tag count DQ, corner DQ, Show/Titus and the no contest tag match.

Not asking for much, but holy crap it wasn't even a well put together show. There were several very rough and noticeable commercial breaks. They waste 15--20 min per episode putting together 205 ring, taking it down, putting it together, taking it down.

Terrible in person flow tonight. Really distracting.

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Farts into bag
/eats it

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TNA lost its tag team and Grand champions publicly while all three are holding belts (TV as of now wise).