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And worse, half of what is printed is disinformation.

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What's the matter with an informed citizenry?

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Were the 183 times Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was waterboarded not defining moments? Were the torture memos of Alberto Gonzalez and John Yoo not defining moments? Were the countless self-righteous talk show confessions of Dick Cheney praising torture to the high heavens not defining moments?

The notion a New York City show trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed could offer the promise of feeling like Americans again is shallow beyond belief.

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Most of what you say is true, BUT people who live in third-world countries know how to survive in poverty because they have seen it all and been through it all before, (relative) prosperity and crushing poverty. The social fabric of many third-world societies is more tightly woven, so when poverty comes, they know how to respond. Families get together, live together, and eat together until the storm passes. Extended families have done these things before. Even extended families often live in the same towns or within close proximity.

The US has none of that! Families have disintegrated with almost no elderly parents or grandparents living with sons and/or daughters as in third-world countries. Children in many US families are out the door by the time of their high school graduation, at least to the extent present conditions have not forced them to stay with their parents longer.

When the governments, federal, state, and city, the FORMER lines of last resort in the US break down, people will not know how to respond or where to turn. They will face conditions outside their experience. Then you will see chaos.

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canadaguy, you have no idea what can happen when families get kicked out of homes, kids get hungry, old folks and children get sick, no gas, no heat, no food, no money. The current US society has not been there before. If "town hall meetings" of either party are an indication of what is to come, it isn't pretty.

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I voted for President Obama because of his promise of change and hope, but he has clearly not earned this token yet.

I expected some action based on his campaign promise... "I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war; you can take that to the bank." President Obama's promise is unambiguous, yet he wars as resolutely as Bush.

While I voted for President Obama ONCE, to me his status is already that of a lame duck.

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Adam Kokesh at least has the credibility of being an Iraq Veteran Against the War (IVAW) from the beginning. I first heard his testimony at the Winter Soldiers link at along with the testimonies of many other Iraq War Veterans, and I long for the day when these hero veterans take congress and eventually the oval office, the entire lot, back to the principles upon which our Consitution was founded.

The technical aspect of all Scott Horton's interviews is the same. His audio is always Xtimes2 decibels higher than the person he interviews. Why is that not fixed?

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Hawkish Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman should speak more precisely:

More precisely he should say, " Anybody who expects peace is delusional, at least to the extent that I have any influence."

To neither have hope nor offer hope is not a healthy condition.

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Uri Avnery said, "And about Gilad Shalit: the negotiations must be speeded up so as to effect a prisoner exchange in the very nearest future...." is all that needs to be said.

All Israel needs to do is drop its ego at their wall and negotiate a prisoner exchange.

With US weapons, they'll bomb the $#it out of everything afterwards anyway.

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It is not possible to discuss the number of troops on any basis other than fact. In a July 23 interview, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said "The US is not an occupation force in Afghanistan" . Now, less than two months later, he as talking about an additional 1,000 troops PLUS an anticipated 20,000 troops at a later date, all this with John McCain standing by as cheerleader!

How can these people speak in front of cameras? How can Washington politicians continue to neglect the will of their constituents? How can they bear to look a veteran on his/her third tour for example, in the eye? How can they spend another day in Afghanistan without identifying any military objectives? Speaking in broad lush tones, Admiral Mullen wants to bring the Taliban into the political process, and knowing we cannot "turn" them all, those we cannot turn will have to be "killed or captured," all while we are not an occupation force and with another 20,000 non-occupying troops on the way.

All credibility is broken.