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I forgot. Which law was that?

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You ask the same question as the ICH article just below this one, "The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco". Perhaps his explanation is the right one.

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This is a very interesting interpretation of the news.

"President Trump, unprovoked, said that Saudi Arabia would not survive for two weeks on its own without American protection ..." - Trump. Trump actually is just stating the truth that never gets stated in our media. The USA protects the House of Saud FROM SAUDI CITIZENS. The House of Saud is a house of cards. Without USA protection the house of Saud will burn if someone lights a fire. They would not last 6 months without USA protection.

You need to keep that in mind whenever we veiw Saudi actions such as the funnelling of weapons to ISIS in Syria. It could not happen if the USA did not want it to happen.

I think that it is likely that Trump was pulling more protection money from the Saudis for the USA.

It seems that the Sauds caused this incident, though, not someone else
So if the inflation of this event is in order to force the Saudis to pay more, then it seems that the powers that control our media were simply waiting for the correct incident.

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China is meddling in our democracy is on a scale that dwarfs Russian interference - Pence.

Does he mean that it is ten times bigger than a big fat zero?

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Yes, now that you mention it. In that photo, the crowd is looking somewhere to the left. Even Kushner is taking notice of whatever is being applauded. But the prince is ignoring the events in the room. He is looking, just as you say, squarely at Ivanka, and his smile suggest lewdness. Could it be that, just as you suggest, he has a woody?

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Khashoggi, a constant critic of the crown prince, entered the embassy, while his wife waited outside. Went in, and never came out. The Saudis have yet to explain why they sent these high ranking people to Turkey. They have also refused to supply footage from the cameras that one would expect to exist inside an embassy. Would they really refuse that if they were not guilty?

Obama and Trump have used drone assassins, that kill many more than just one. All western countries assassinate. Its a bit like making Kavanaugh responsible for his personal sex life while ignoring the one-sidedness of all the official decisions he has made as a judge, which is the best guide to his future behaviour.

As for this :-

"President Donald Trump warned there will be “severe punishment” if Saudi Arabia’s (did it)"

B.S. Trump's own words say it all:-

"I don’t like stopping massive amounts of money that’s being poured into our country ..., but they’re spending $110 billion on military equipment and on things that create jobs, like jobs and others, for this country," Trump said, adding that the Saudis could buy the weapons from Russia or China if the U.S. pulled out of the deal."

Trump may bandy some tough words, or choose a sanction or other punishment that wont hurt too much. "Forty lashes with a feather!!"

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"... the media reacted as they did ... rather than thinking critically and seriously and responsibly ..."

I have never seen the media do that. For as long as I can remember, the USA has been the aggressor, and the media has backed it to the hilt up by claiming that up is really down and black is really white.

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Everything Haley has said and done confirms herself as a Zionist. But if AIPAC could not make Bolton the POTUS why would anyone imagine that they could succeed in making Haley the POTUS?

Like Hillary, and unlike Trump, she has a history, and everyone should be able to see that she is made of dog poo. Would the USA really vote for an arch Zionist for POTUS? I dont think even AIPAC would be powerful enough to make that happen. I would be totally gobsmacked if she even came close.

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The article does not mention Higgins. Sorry in advance if I missed something obvious, but who is this Higgins that you speak of and what is the connection to the issue?

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"The president finished his answer by hedging, saying he wants to gather all the facts first." - article

What a sensible approach. Why was he not so sensible when it came to bombing Syria (twice) on pretexts that turned out (we all knew) to be false?