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Absolutely!!! So true!!!

"... it is difficult, very difficult to accept a total change of your world view."

That is probably the truth of the matter. But once you have woken up, the pieces fit together. And when you have fully woken, it is FRUSTRATING to watch those who have not.

As you are waking up, you begin to know that the media in the west, and the USA deep state work hand in glove, and the general population are the puppets.
The media is not owned by the general population. It is not a "free press". It acts on behalf of the powers that be. The population is manipulated daily:-

* Those who are awake should notice a pattern, a media build up of propaganda prior which rises to a crescendo prior to actual military action.

* If you notice some leader being constantly demonised. The that is happening for a reason. Its part of the propaganda build up prior to war. (not real war, mind you - its always the stomping on some country who cannot fight back.)

* There are always noble reasons invented for the war. Sometimes this involves outright deception, (e.g. false flag chemical weapons attacks). Since the 1950s the reasons given for war have ALWAYS been fake. The real reasons have always been power and greed.

* You can even see the lies coming before they arrive. Amongst those awake, who wasn't expecting a false flag?

We elect our politicians, and we finance government through our taxes. But those politicians are far more beholden to lobby groups who bribe, blackmail and finance their campaigns. Politicians must appear to serve the people while actually serving the powers that be. The taxes finance the war, but the people are not the beneficiaries of the war. Those lobby groups who pushed for the war are the beneficiaries. Wealth is thus transferred from the poor to the rich. The beneficiaries use some of the loot to lobby and finance the politicians.

The books "1984" and "Manufacturing Consent" could help here.

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Many blessings to "Syrian Girl".

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OK Theresa May. Remember your bad behavior, including flouting of the chemical weapons conventions, over the Skripal FAKE. Now here are some REAL assassinations. Please show consistency by expelling Israeli diplomatic staff. Whats wrong Theresa, have you suddenly lost your courage?

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At this point, there is NO EXCUSE for journalists who continue to pretend that this was not a false flag. The evidence that this has been a setup is now IN THEIR face, and if they still manage to ignore it, then they are truly scum. (not that they were not already scum)

If you watched the BBC Lavrov interview, where Stephen Sackur interviewed
Sergei Lavrov, you would see the interviewer continuing to lie through his
teeth. Instead of asking, the interviewer stated lies as part of his
questions. You could go and watch that again, or just a look at these choice
lies by the interviewer :-

* "... the intervention we saw was all about degrading and deterring the Syrian
Government’s CW threat. It was not about an intervention into the Syrian war
and it was certainly not about regime change in Damascus."

* "... surely you must want the perpetrators of that CW attack in Douma FOR

* "Emmanuel Macron and the French have made it quite clear that they have
intercepts which show helicopter movements, Syrian Government helicopter
movements over Douma. They have pictures of gas canisters found at the site of
the attack. They also have the record of the Syrian Government over the last
several years using the CW. If you put all of that together" (Here Lavrov
failed to respond that several zeros added together still make zero.)

* "there is a deep concern that Russia has tampered with the evidence sites in

* "... will you agree that Pres Assad must be punished?"

I would love to know what percentage of people are now believing the lies.
Again this is something they will not report.

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I would LOVE to see such a game. Anyone who watched it would really gain an insight into the continuous ongoing omnipotent propaganda that we are all being subjected to. Unfortunately our media would not televise it, for the same reason. But I think people would like to watch it and learn.

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Hi Ginger, Re the drought. I dont know, but would like to know. If it is true, then I can say that I would be surprised, but not shocked. Can you link me to some information.

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""They will eventually come under Turkish control and could be used in another Turkish attempt to take Aleppo."

I notice that the divorce between Turkey and NATO continues.

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There is an illegal drug problem. But the legal opiate problem is HUGE. There are SO MANY people about that are hooked on extremely addictive prescription drugs. You may know some of them. It may well be 5 times the size of the illegal one.

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Maybe it was large oil corporations. Maybe it was Israel. Maybe it was people within the USA who want to stop Syria from being used for China's "One belt One Road". OR maybe Trump NEVER intended to withdraw from Syria.

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"why does he suggest that either independent nation need the U.S. and/or China to sign off"

Assad has asked the USA to remove themselves. They are still there. Iraq recently asked for USA troops to remove themselves. The USA has not announced compliance. The last time Australia demonstrated something less than full obedience to the USA (back in 1970), the government was replaced. When the previous S Korean prime minister made independent peace initiatives to NK, he was replaced.

Perhaps the treaty really has to be between NK and the USA, because I doubt that SK can do anything to remove the USA.