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Sounds like you definitely need to find a new pro shop that understands the basics. Your PAP is a MUST know to properly layout a bowling ball. Without it they are just guessing.

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We are hoping that they will arrive by the end of December. However, with the current shipping lanes mess we cannot get a definitive answer from our supplier.

The Revivor is now available for Pre-Order.

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Google Translation:

after 29 years break, I started to bowl again 6 months ago and 79 years old .... today I train every day and try to play as much oil pattern as possible ... because my goal is to take part in Tuernieren I prefer demanding tracks and lie today on average at 180-200

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Make sure flash is loaded and try Chrome or Firefox. Safari is not supporting certain YouTube functionality.
It plays fine, the video is good.

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It is not that we would be willing to help, we simply do not have access to that information. Only the USBC has that.

The USBC may have some interesting stats that they can look up but their database is wanting and not yet up to date with older records (see our post below).

Even if they do have an answer it will be incomplete by not being able to include detailed records from before 1999 in their database.

Either way that is quite a few 300 games considering that he only bowled 15 games, assuming 3 games in each league, during that week..

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The ABC and WIBC have now merged into the USBC, even though the USBC is doing a much better job in the tech age of keeping records they fall short when maintaining records from before 1999. Almost all of your award scores shot prior to this date will not appear at their website. Record keeping prior to that was equally poor. If a person did not share their correct social security number, which many did not, this would confuse how they would merge records. We have a staff member who has shot far more 300's and 800's than are recorded at the USBC website.

Not too many high end bowlers, who have shot multiple scores, tend to care about how many they have shot. However, it would be nice if these bowlers could receive recognition from the governing body they paid to keep those records, especially for the award scores bowled back in the day when it was a rare achievement.

Given the current organizational level of the USBC, would not look for the organization of records to happen anytime soon unless a third party company was hired to scan and organize the records.

In short, no way to prove or disprove a persons claim to award scores if they were shot prior to 1999. Checking with your local governing body may be a way but can be even more frustrating since this is usually a volunteer position and record keeping could be spotty especially when trying to go back 30 or 40 years.

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You may need to hit the ball with 3000 grit abralon to get it back to factory. Keep in mind that the ball could be rolling out because the surface is too dull. Adding a little polish will store up the energy and allow the ball to roll stronger on the back end. Also, make sure you clean the ball thoroughly AFTER you bowl. Don't let the ball set, allowing time for the lane conditioner to be absorbed into the surface.

The ball will not get rougher, after prolonged usage the surface will smooth out. You can bring back the surface an indefinite number of time, don't be afraid of using the 3000 grit as often as you like.

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Thanks, we work hard for bowling. We love the sport.

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