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There ain't no more room for them students, because, just like CU administration, the gym is full up with bull-oney

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This debate reminds me of one just as divisive. Some of you will recall the venom that was spewed in 1974-75 about the creation of the Downtown Mall. I was working a sales job then, and my area was primarily Pearl Street businesses. I walked into each of those stores at least weekly, and few of those business people supported the changes. I heard daily complaints so much like we now hear from George. Construction and changing customer base drove many of them out of business, me included. George is one of the few who survived, and his business has prospered. 40 years ago had we listened to those opposing the Mall, George's little print shop probably would not have survived, and he states as much on his company website.

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Yep. Rammit To Dem.

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walk carefully when you read this article, lest you step in something...

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Andy, andy, ANDY! I've known you longer than anyone commenting here. Maybe since Annie Joratz sold us all booze long before the age of consent. You've rolled with the punches pretty well, and you should thank the Camera for the free ads you're getting. BUT really, those numbers?

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Apparently it's a real word. Google it and you'll get "About 87,200 results"!

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It took me less than a minute to find Richard Schuh's home address, and business address. (it's helpful that he has a picture of his house, complete with street number, on his facebook page) I'm thinking the average "meter maid" will be just as resourceful, and it might just start snowing tickets on 17th street.

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I've driven Folsom for many years. I bike it as well, but less often than driving. The new configuration is absolutely better for biking. It's true that from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. there are more backups, mostly due to those miserable pedestrian/bike blinking crosswalks. It would be a really good idea to get rid of at least one of the two bracketing Pearl. When I first drove Folsom it was two lanes everywhere, including through CU where is connected with Baseline. Before this change it was 2 lanes for the majority of it's length. It should remain 2 lanes, and become the neighborhood feeder as it was originally designed.

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I believe he had permission to use the parking lot of the motel he manages for those repairs.

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Lots of words come to mind to describe this guy, but "climber" wouldn't be one of them.