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Sorry, the better phone number is 1-888-553-5424,

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After selecting the "existing policy holder" menu option, I was able to get ahold of a person at Anthem who was willing to do some searching and found my application in a different database. She's the one who went the extra mile, and explained it all to me. Sounds like your folks were just plain lazy, on top of everything else. 877-811-3106 is the # I used. Good luck to you.

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Sorry you're having these issues. I enrolled in an Anthem Blue Cross plan. What I DID discover is that, although I am covered as of the 1st, my enrollment doesn't become "official" until my 1st payment is drafted (which is on the 5th). On that day I will be given an ID # (I can call and get it) and my card & policy will be mailed. So.. no "official" enrollment or ID# until they get paid. I assume it's that way for everyone. I had to make a bunch of calls to find this out. Hopefully this info might save others from further frustration.

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Squarepeghere, did you actually ENROLL in a plan (add it to your shopping cart, check out, setup a plan payment method, etc)? Being "registered" just means you're registered on the site (have an account). If you are really enrolled, I'd call one of the many assistance insurance agents and let them straighten it all out. No charge to you, and they absolutely want to help (they get a commission!). Save on all the brain damage.

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Who diagnosed her with MS? Did she have positive brain and / or spine MRIs and a positive lumbar puncture? Did she even have them done? No qualified neurologist would give a final diagnosis of MS without doing those tests.
But then again, this IS Boulder. People here still believe in Jack's Beanstalk's magic beans.

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The Astronauts actually had at least eight more albums after "Surfin With.."

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Instead of publishing their names and pictures, the media should just refer to them as "dumbass #1", "another dumbass" or "repeat dumbass". This "movement" would dwindle down to zero.

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I'm very happy to hear that she's doing so well after all she's been through. Sounds like she really had it rough. However, this story tends to be misleading. If she didn't have MRIs showing multiple lesions throughout her brain and a positive lumbar puncture, then it almost certainly wasn't MS (although she may have had many or most of the same symptoms). You cannot "think" your way out of MS. Whatever horrible neurological desease she had, though, it sounds like she found her answer, and possibly the answer for others that have whatever it was that she had. I always like to hear about these success stories, and I'm glad she took charge of her life.. Way to go!