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This is a big story but wheres the BIG story Horsey?

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Off topic, but Castellano congratulates Ferrante saying, "buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride". Still bitter Terry?

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So reformers, Zomborgland, FAP and Hoboken Owl, Church Tower and Marine View are coming off Pilot in 2015.

Will you be supporting an extension?

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No, Zomborgland. Not saying that reformers should be given tax breaks. It is you that is misunderstanding and twisting statements. As mentioned in all the comments made, we agree that the eval was necessary.

The appraisal company assured the tax payers that they would get into EVERY property in Hoboken. This did not happen. Not only did this not happen, the properties that they were unable to gain access into were accessed low.

Hoboken homeowners are already overburdened, where as not to long ago suffering a 47/49% tax increase, a recent tax reval and a county increase what seems like year after year.

The rent control resolution that failed is an additional hardship on many multi-family homeowners.

The Piloted development projects being considered should be reevaluated. This is UNFAIR to many hardworking homeowners in town that will be forced to sell their homes.

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The value does you no good unless you sell. I am sorry I was planning on living here till I die.

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Nothing was said about paying my fair share, it is the Owl who is twisting words.

The city decided to move forward with the eval. It was completed. Now they decide to continue a yearly re-val?! Explain to me how this is NECESSARY and fair when we just caught up?

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@LeoTPTP, the point made whether you deem it silly or not is that you are going to see a tax increase every year due to the rolling reval.

We agree that the increase was due this time around, we agree that NO ONE likes to pay more taxes, I however am against receiving a tax assessment year after year. Are you not?

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Again your experience is different? Again? This is the first time I mentioned my experience yet you keep comparing experiences? Put down the wine.

Lets put it this way, EVERY one of my neighbors is NOT OK with their new assessment.

So you are OK with your property taxes going up more year after year after year on TOP of county taxes and school taxes going up while other properties such as Marine View and Church towers are due to come off pilots and may not see an increase, and new developments in the works are negotiating abatements with the city?

Your OK LEO TPTP absorbing ALL the tax increases year after year? I AM NOT!

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No, you are dead wrong. I am in and around Park-Garden and as I said, 98% of the appeals the in town appraiser's performed were from Willow up. Which you could conclude a few things from this: They unfairly overvalued many uptown properties while undervaluing western properties, they didn't use proper comps, or they didn't get into the properties in the west (many facades are shit but have been updated inside,mostly illegally.)

So the second and subsequent rolling evaluations are going to push my taxes up higher ea year, correct?

Let me ask you this: How often are we required to have a re-eval? I ask because my understanding js this hike was suppose to be IT outside of your usual prop tax increases.

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I feel like we have been DUPED.

We all agreed that the RE-VAL needed to take place. The good reformers happily made arrangements to have these appraisal company enter our homes.

We received our new taxes and fainted.

We found out from other neighbors, friends of ours that they either were hit with a similar fate or weren't affected much if at all,even if they were right next store with exact same property.

Then we scurried to have our taxes appealed with a known appraisal company in town, fought and won. Did we win in a big way? NO measly $'s were shaved off. Mind you we also paid out of pocket to have this done as well.

And speaking of this known appraisal company, looking back IMHO they should have been hired to do the reveal in the first place. They know that properties well and could have done a more equitable job then the company hired. 95% of the clients they were hired to appeal were from Willow to Hudson. Now why was that? WHY?! BECAUSE the majority of the homes on the west end of town were not effected by the reval. So many can argue of this "known" appraisal company is old guard and would have been looking at for "their" friends, well "their" friends aka Old Guard reside mostly in the WEST end of town and looks like they won any way.

All's I know is I did the right thing and I am getting screwed this way to Sunday only to be subjected to many more property tax increases to come.

Thanks a lot reform.