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When new ways to be stupid are invented, Republicans will invent them.

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We will know Herman Cain has truly arrived when he joins the cast of "Dancing with the Stars," where he will do the funky chicken and win the top prize. All this alleged campaigning is simply meant to get him some attention so the producers of "DWTS" will give him a call.

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You can take the trashy snowbilly out of Wasilla but you can't take the Wasilla out of a trashy snowbilly.

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Amelia says she is a lifelong patriot. How many tours of duty did she serve in Iraq or Afghanistan, or is she another sniveling patriot who is fighting the "war of ideas" on American soil? Patriot my ass.

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A guy who is this much of a pussy shouldn't be in the military at all. He wouldn't be worth much in a fight. Hell, I could punch Moran out and I lost my last fistfight in the fifth grade. He is that much of a limp sac of pus.

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I've often heard Texas is a godforsaken shithole. Clearly, this proves the statement accurate. God wants nothing to do with that hot, dusty, rancid place.

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It could've been a lot worse. Brian Ross might've been "roughed up" by Marcus Bachmann. After all, he's the guy who says gays are barbarians who need discipline, which he apparently wants to administer. Watch your ass, Brian!!

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What would Ayn Rand do? Privatize the fucking parks, let armed teabagging shitheels patrol them and let the market rule. Fucking conservatives could fuck up a two car funeral procession.

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@JonahNRO, How much does it bother you that you wouldn't have a job if not for mommy's connections. . .you fat, fucking, lazy, stupid turd?? Hmmmm?

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Oh man, talk about children of the corn. I hope Malachi is out there in the cornfields, laying for those dumb Palinites.