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"He's been doing this for months, trying to make himself the protector of Syria against extremists...".

And what's wrong with that? He is trying to protect a secular state against the depredations of the american-inspired terrorist thugs who already showed us their methods in Libya.

What a hypocritical dick Kerry is. He knows about as much of diplomacy as I know of advanced ballet dancing.

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You've already identified the "why". Destabilisation is what it's all about. The hope is that when the dust has settled a US-friendly and -dependent nation will be available to be milked by the World Bank, the IMF and the other parasites.

Trouble is, they forgot to tell the countries they despoiled, and in consequence the ungrateful SOBs keep ruining the plans, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and soon Iran.

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So the 22 CIA agents convicted in Italy for the kidnapping and rendition of Abu Omar in 2003 were indicted wrongly, then? Hahaha. Lying fools, they can't help themselves.<div style="margin: 6px 0px 0px; display: block;"><a class="a2a_dd" href="">Share/Save/Bookmark

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There's nothing new about these potential concentration camps and they certainly predate Obama
by many years. There are online overhead and regular pictures, locations, the lot on line. And what the author
is describing as special powers are provisions which will be made under Martial Law. It's far too late
for americans to start any breastbeating now, and when those of us who saw this coming tried to alert the
sheeple we were laughed at. So bend over, grab your feet and smile.

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Psych people will tell you it's for the same reason as they rape
females - power. Me, I think most of them are shit-scared of women so
they go around in gangs getting it on with weaker men. I don't think
there's anything that more clearly defines the american jail system
than homosexual rape.

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Bastøy was very different in years past, when it was a juvenile offenders institution.
There is an excellent documentary/film called "King of Devils Island" which shows
a period when there was an insurrection against the prison staff. It was closed for many

Having said that, it does prove that rehabilitation will always beat retribution, and therefore
it would be an unsatisfactory option for most americans, who revel in jail rape and violence.

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I am so sick of the way the Western media constantly quote "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" as if it is a legitimate organisation.
For information, this is actually an individual called Rami Abdulrahman, who lives in a two-bedroom terraced house in Coventry. He runs
a clothes shop. The reason he hates Assad so much, and is so obliging to the media in pretending he knows what is happening, is that
he sought asylum here in 2000 because he had been imprisoned three times in Syria, and was about to go down again for the fourth time.
Reuters in particular love this impostor, and believe him (without any checking) because he says he has a network of some 200 sources in

He's like Ahmad Chalabi before the Iraq invasion. A man looking at 22 years in prison if ever he returns to Jordan, where he was sentenced in
absentia, a liar and a poseur all the way through, just looking to make money. Abdulrahman has the additional incentive of being a Sunni, but
his main claim to fame is his unquestioning acceptance by most of the Western media because he tells them what he wants to hear.

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Ted, are you as big a dick as you sound? ICH is an aggregator site. Tom Feely is
not responsible for the content of articles. Take off your blinkers and see what other
people are writing and talking about - not everything is written to suit your narrow
frame of reference.

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Stupid bell end.

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Peacenik: Proving yet again that some people have absolutely no sense of irony.