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Thanks for the tip. I'll check out NERDTree.

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I would like to focus on education. But first I want to relate a story about how I engaged in a citizen-action education initiative. I took a course on 'your ecological footprint' from a local non-profit that educates citizens on taking action. Through six sessions, once a week, we students heard from local people who were doing something related to our ecological footprint. One was a farmer, another a rep of the city bicycle transportation association, another an expert in energy. We had homework pertaining to our own use of energy, food consumption, disposal, etc. And we had small group discussions. What was most important to me, however, was the fact that people took time out of their week to participate in this class which didn't prepare you for a job or career. It helped you become more aware of actions that can help save the planet.

Now back to education. One of the major differences between children in the United States and those in very poor, so-called developing countries, is that our children have, by and large, no concern for their immediate safety, lodging, food or health. A lot is taken for granted. In Rwanda, one of the poor countries of the world, children and teenagers are more serious students. They live daily with want, whether it be health care, food, adequate housing, or even a stable family. When confronted with stark living conditions, and told how they can help raise their country and themselves through education, these students take action to learn. They will also goof off, play games and generally be kids. But their attitudes toward learning are not serious.

I would like to find ways for Americans as a whole to find a way to motivate our children, to help them realize that they need to be humble in the face of all that we have. This starts, I think, with the parents or guardians. Maybe there is something the Obama Administration can do to establish high standards for parents to live up to that will help them feel good about teaching humility to their children.