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True. I've been rereading Bloom County as they are put on the website and they speak to today as well as yesterday.

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Or maybe they realized how nasty the election will be and how hard the DNC will work to make it as nasty as possible and decided they wanted to keep their reputaions. Whoever runs on either side will be damaged by the smears and lies the DNC will be presenting in Maine, and the democrat will be forever linked to those campaign tactics virtually ensuring they will never be trusted again.

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I guess the memos went out quickly at CNN that Andrew can 't defend himself any more, so it's okay to lie and misinform the public without fear of retribution. I think they may not understand the anger they are generating or the harm they are doing their brand. I intend to make sure that whenever it is possible I will not buy anything from anyone who advertises on CNN or that is in any way endorsed by anyone connected with CNN. It is time for the propaganda machine to pay for their crimes against our country, and for those who suppprt them to pay even more.

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facebook is a good way to help the government to track dissenters and should never be used for anything related to bringing down the administration. Everything you write or upload to facebook is provided to the administration immediately. If you want to dissent, use conservative websites.

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I forget, is Obama really just another name for Sauron or Saruman?

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The existing "Mainstream" media outlest can never be trusted to protect the little guy from an overly intrusive and oppressive government. They are controlled by the leaders of the democrat party and there is no chance they wil ever become more honest. That CBS was allowing the information to be reported at all was giving me hope, but the fact that they are not able to force the rest of the media to honestly address it, and they are absent with support for the congressional activities that are trying to get to the bottom of it has destroyed that hope. Anyone who counts on the "mainstream" media for news is wasting their time and efforts to remain informed. They would be better served by listening to the breeze in the forest.

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The values didn't flip but the drug culture ruined their minds and they were easily lead just like in 68. mWaht started as a freedom movement turned into a "don't walk on my lawn" movement that is regulating human action in public by the whims of the worst leftists in America. They now admit they are just like the progressives of old who spent their time trying to get blacks to abort their children and to prevent people from consuming alcohol or anything else that might give a human pleasure. The progressives and liberals just change names, change from sheets to dirty clothes, get rid of the pointy hats and replace them with something that a Sherpa would wear, and continue with their plan to rule the world from their lofty elitist heights. The racism and hate never changes, just the rhetoric.

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Really well said. That is why every state needs to have right to work laws. We need to prevent the union bosses and their democrat sycophants from robbing the workers to fund politicians. If hte people have the choce whether to pay the dues or not, then the union has to respond to the people.ight now the union bosses are unaccountable because they don't allow honest elections within the unions.

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Thank you both. I needed that.

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That is one of the funniest lines possible. I tried it and every liberal female I found fell for it. I can't remember who originated it, but it should be repeated frequently, at least until the liberals go public and train the female idiot liberals to look out for the phrase.