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no language was changed. Some people who make enough money to buy health insurance, but don't are going to be fined. Some people call this a fine, other call it a tax. Either way these people are going to pay it. Going to a Medicare for all plan would have been better, but nothing is ever free, so call it a tax, call it a premium payment, call it a fine, it doesn't change anything.
I think "Obamacare" was better than doing nothing, but we all remember that the mandate is a republican idea, put in to gather republican support. Had we had a serious, mature, intelligent debate on the real issues we could have had a better reform. Republicans resorted to lies, distortion and more lies to try to stop everything Obama tried to do. Death panels, government take-over, rationing, all sort of lies about the Canadian health care system, and that this was a "power grab" by Obama.

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damn, what ever you do Mr. Romney, don't go hunting with Cheney!!!

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does Romney want anything to do with Cheney? Almost everybody hates Cheney. I think his approval rating was around 11% when Bush was around 22%. Maybe Cheney secretly wants Obama to win so he can stay in the spot-light insulting Obama every chance he can get?

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deficits increased because of the: recession, caused by republican policies, Bush tax cuts, both income and capital gains, Medicare Plan D, and two unfunded Wars.
Obama, as the facts show has not increased spending as much as previous presidents, but decreased government revenues, due to the worst recession since the great depression have given us large deficits. By the way when have we ever been at war and decreased taxes? Politifact is a conservative site and they found this fact true, only issue they have is that republicans should be given credit for saying no to Obama on everything......

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Obama never promised "that unemployment would never rise above 8% if it passed. " that is a well known right wing lie and talking point that has been proven false.

nobody said Bush had 20% unemployment. The experts all say Bush had the worst job creation record of any President since Hoover.

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Dean Baker is a PhD in economics and I have researched and fact checked him since 2003. He is almost always right and he uses real facts and data from good sources, So his words and knowledge I trust

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except for the fact that no republicans voted for any of the Clinton budget, when republicans took over the house and senate in 1995 there was nothing but gridlock between congress and Clinton. The only reason the economy was doing well was because Clinton raised taxes, there were 23 million new jobs created, and there was a big .COM bubble. The most important fact was the 23 million jobs created. The CBO said that government policies enacted after 1995 increased the deficits. Only the 4% unemployment decreased the deficits and gave us a record surplus. Gridlock probable decreased government spending a little too.

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Exactly the problem. The only economic policies Obama got passed were the stimulus, and saving GM and Chrysler.. He could not get pass the record number of filibusters to get any of his economic policies passed.
President Obama got one budget passed so far.
Education spending under Bush was mostly corporate welfare, Medicare Plan D was a terrible idea and completely corporate welfare.
As the facts prove, Obama has seen the lowest increase of government spending in a long time

facts are funny things...

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the stimulus was not a failure as every independent analysis has said over and over again. They never had the Senate because Liberman is really a republican, and Nelson and a few others are just as big corporate whores as the republicans. Almost everything needed 60 votes to pass and the republicans held a record number of filibusters in their hope to make Obama fail. The stimulus created millions of jobs but was inefficient because it was mostly tax cuts. As most experts pointed out the stimulus was too small. As a matter of fact had Obama done what Reagan, and Bush jr did after recessions and hire more government workers the unemployment rate would be around 7 % instead of over 8%.. Here is my opinion on the 2010 elections...In 2006 people were sick of the republicans not doing anything to solve our problems, so they elected more democrats, and did so again in 2008. In 2010 they were unhappy with government especially the Bush bailout of Wall Street and voted out many incumbents believing the lies that the new congressmen would work on getting Americans back to work. Name what economic policies Obama got passed. The stimulus. that's about it. Obama had to give in to republicans on the bush tax cuts, to get more unemployment funds. Obama raised a few user taxes. But he did not get his tax increase on people who made over $250,000, or the tax changes he wanted to encourage businesses to keep jobs in the USA. Clinton raised taxes and had more jobs created than Reagan, Bush and Bush combined. But all we heard from republicans was no no no and no some more. Unless it was more military spending. The facts are the facts and reality is reality. No amount of spin changes the facts

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there is one thing everybody should realize. Going back to more Bush economic policies will make things much, much worse. The fact is that we have been forced to continue most of the same failed policies because of republicans refusing to help come up with real solutions. Tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires is just a very stupid idea that has not worked, and never will work.
Obama has gotten very little change accomplished, mostly due to a corrupt senate and a lousy republican majority in the house. Every piece of good legislation has been watered down, or left to die in the senate. Wall Street and the big banks are doing great, we need a bailout of main-street. The GAO audit of the FED showed an additional 26 trillion in secret bailouts, at about 0% interest. Big business is making record profits, because they are getting record production from labor,and free money from tax payers. If Romney wins, we will have a another great recession or depression within a few years. Bush economic policies failed us miserable, more of the same will have the same results