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Since Monday is not a holiday for Feds, service should be at the standard level (make your own joke here) and not on a reduced schedule.

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WMATA training should include: 1, don't slam the doors on people; 2, let people in the train that are waiting to get in; and 3, let people out that are waiting to get out.

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If WMATA is going to charge more for visitors, then why is there an "off peak" fare on weekdays in the middle of the day? The theory must be that the service is worse but is it that much different than what the commuters get during "peak" hours? Charge the tourists peak fare during the middle of the day and get needed revenue from them.

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It seems absurd the Saturday blackouts won't go away until '14. That should be something that can be agreed on by MLB and FOX to be implemented next year.

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WMATA defines "on time" to mean up to 30 minutes late and then crows about meeting their own standard. Here's my standard: on time means within 3 minutes of the time the train is supposed to be there. How is WMATA doing by that standard?

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"Lowering the bar" indeed. There will be fewer tweets about delays because 14 minutes between trains during "rush" hour is no longer a delay. They are changing the standards to make themselves look better: "Look at the new on time report. It says that we don't suck!"

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This means that we could go back and forth to work and wait for a total of 30 minutes (15 minutes each way). Add that to the time of the ride itself and there is little incentive to take Metro. Plus, fewer trains means more crowds so there's less of a chance to get a seat.

You know who is laughing: parking garage owners.

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I was thinking the same thing the other day on the Red Line as a woman took out a sandwich and drink and calmly ate and drank. I was angry but who could I tell?

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Not all Feds ride free. With the lower transit subsidy, I pay 1/3 of my fares and will pay more after the increase in July.

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I've thought the same thing. At Glenmont, the in-bound wait at around 6 AM used to be about five minutes but now is between 7 and 9. At Gallery, the wait for the Green used to be two or three and now is typically five.

Perhaps they're saving the trains for the tourists. They wouldn't want to upset the off-peak customers!