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Disgusting. The people doing this have no support from the community.

Typical of this website though, the comments section is descending into a "who's worse - catholic or prods" argument... This crime is wrong regardless of who is responsible.

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From Twitter:

Gavin Robinson: Roslyn St, South/East Belfast earlier today. Three polish homes attacked. This must stop. @PoliceServiceNI #disgusted

Christopher Stalford: Laura and I used to live in Roslyn Street. Disgusted to hear three Polish families have been attacked. This must end now!

Mike Nesbitt: stop the racist attacks in east Belfast

They are all unionist politicians, as far as I can tell. And they are all condemning the thuggery. But of course, don't let get that in the way of your sectarian judgement that all unionists are "xenophobic filth".

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I just don't think that he has done anything even slightly wrong in this "fiasco".

Perhaps I have missed something; what do you think he has done that is wrong over the last few days?

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Why on earth should David Ford resign?!

I despair, I really do...

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It doesn't matter if someone who is murdered is a Catholic or Protestant - murder is always wrong.

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I certainly don't think that the DUP, Alliance, or SDLP were "all about lynching Gerry Adams". They were simply saying that it is perfectly fair for the PSNI to arrest someone if they want to interview them, as there may be evidence against them.

I don't really see how anyone can complain about this, to be honest. Gerry was interviewed, and the police have decided not to charge him. That doesn't make his arrest wrong - presumably they wanted to find out information from him.

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Plenty of comments on Gerry Adams stories simply saying things like "what about people murdered by security forces?" have plenty of thumbs up.

It's not about whether the post is balanced or not. Whether a post gets thumbs up or thumbs down is down to a sectarian headcount of the page's viewers.

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Murder is always wrong. What point are you trying to make?

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It is quite normal for political leaflets to criticise other political parties.

The leaflets did not encourage people onto the streets. If a bunch of thugs decide to protest violently, that is their own stupid decision.

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Robinson and Paisley were not heads of the UVF. You can't just make stuff up.

At any rate, there are various investigations ongoing. This particular one has been going on for some time, as I understand it. Others have been getting interviewed as well, so I don't think one can accuse the PSNI of specifically just targeting Gerry Adams. Furthermore, if people did want to make an arrest to politically undermine him, would they not have waited until more important elections? Euro and Local Council elections aren't terribly important as elections go.