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Hey Michelle.

Did you ever get a chance to read the script? I know I only posted it a little while ago... I'm very anxious to see what you think. XD

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Poor Sierra. I'd hope that's one instance where an Active really doesn't remember the experience. I'd love to see some resolution to that though, the man (or men) who put her in the Dollhouse, getting what's coming to them. And also, how the Dollhouse goes about accepting people in those circumstances? Adelle's said time and time again they're all volunteers... does she truly believe that or does she *sometimes* make exceptions?

As for the script I've written, I have completed it. It's a first draft and upon re-reading, noticed a couple of things I need to fix. Only the small things that can be cleared up with a line of dialogue in a couple of places, so nothing major. One thing I'll say about it, if you're reading on a technical note, is that it's not completely professional. There's far too much description in the action sequences than I would normally write. But, I kinda figured that if people were reading it online (and especially for those first time screenplay readers), it would help them better understand some things if there was a little bit more direction (seeing as though I don't have actors to help me portay certain things).

Anywho, the script is here:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. It's not perfect and could do with a revision or two, but that's always the way. Can't improve it unless there's feedback. I'm currently writing a second episode which focuses on Whiskey, and how she came to be in the Dollhouse. But that's for another time! Thanks so much, if you manage to get through the whole 58 pages!

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It was Dominic (Head of Security) and definitely not Sierra's handler (like was mentioned).