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Great story! I was a K9 handler for 6 years. One of my fellow K9 officers lost his partner "Danny" when he was trying to serve a warrant on a guy and the piece of shit shot and killed him. Danny was protecting his partner like he was trained to do. I was working the other side of the city at the time and it was a VERY intense day. Unfortunately, I lost my own partner "Aron" (he's my avatar) in 2007 to intestinal cancer. So, I can totally empathize with how Gary was feeling. God bless them both!

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Wow. What a coincidence. I read your blog and found the back of my "Honey Nut Cheerios" box to be funnier and more entertaining. Weird.

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Yeah, sorry. "Thumb down".

It's simple. On the grand scheme of things, two morons standing around like extras from a blaxploitation movie trying to intimidate "whitey" isn't the greatest injustice ever committed under God's blue sky.

But. BUT. When one realizes that these two polyps are the tell-tell signs of a deeper cancer, then the importance of this case is obvious.

And to carry the cancer metaphor a bit further, the best thing we can do is cut out the infected tissue and treat the radicals in the DOJ like the threats to our liberty that they are.

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Ergo, the Trekkers with blood lust in their hearts.

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Okay...sigh. I don't know if anyone else has posted this (I'm tired and I didn't read all the posts) but here goes...

Chris Pine: "Dammit Mr. Scott! I'm an actor!! Not an engineer...oh...wait."

I hate myself. And I realize that there is a sleeper cell of Trekkers mobilizing to have me assassinated. Just tell my wife that I love her!!

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I had the same thought. For the last few years I have tried to take a pragmatic approach to the obvious leftward bias in the media. I would try to explain to folks that there was no great "conspiracy" or deliberate collusion among the MSM and the leftists in the government.

Instead, I likened the behavior of these....(ahem!)..."journalists" to that of a flock of birds or a herd of antelope. The birds fly to the south in the winter and the herd goes where the food is. Simply point, when you have a tight group of the same animals (or in this case, like-minded registered democrats who were all "educated" in various liberal schools of journalism) with the same desires and needs, they are going to tend to act in a similar fashion.

I have always believed that the media today has merely given up its pretense of being unbiased and objective (an unforgivable sin, in and of it self, with regards to journalism) and the lions share of the media's fraternity, as individuals, have decided to color their coverage based on their own belief systems. The result of which makes it appear that there is a concerted effort by a large group of people when in fact it is a bunch of "individuals" who have similar desires.

Again, this is what I truly believed. Before JournoList.

I've never been big on conspiracy theories but when you have the evidence right in front of your face, how can you ignore it? Oh! I guess you could join JournoList!!

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I bet you didn't even like the "Dukes of Hazard", did you? Poor, poor B. M.

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HOO-F**KING-RAH!! It's nice to see a kick-ass movie about one of the corniest yet coolest shows ever! Can't wait.

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So by your logic, if a doctor gives inoculations to needy kids during the day it's okay for him to go home and beat his own kids. Right.....

Just because Schlussel does something positive (allegedly) it doesn't justify or cancel out the smeering of someone you don't personally agree with. That's just asinine.

Also, I don't agree that defending oneself from said scurrilous attacks should be labeled as "wasting energy going after each other". The man's reputation was attacked (falsely, I might add) and he and those who support him responded in kind. That's perfectly understandable.

Additionally, if Debs hadn't printed her UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS then we wouldn't even be debating this. Simply put, "Don't start nothing, there won't be nothing!"

I think that it's plainly clear that Schlussel has issues and SHE'S the one you should be angry at. Maybe you should be haunting her website and posting inept comments. But, from your mature comment about Hannity's intellect, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that.

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Hold....hold on a second Ben. I have to....(whew!)....I have to regain my balance. I almost fainted when I read your list. That's better. Okay....

Ridley Scott? Really? No....really? Did you actually WATCH half of those movies? (Thelma and The Other Lesbian DID suck, tho. I'll give you that). But "Alien"?!? "Blackhawk Down"?!? Freakin' "BLADERUNNER"?!?!?!?

I'm open to most of the others on the list, but Hitch? I've seen "Rear Window" about two dozen times. "Rope". "The Birds". "Vertigo". "The Trouble With Harry" (hysterical film!). "North By Freakin-Northwest"!!!

Ben. Hitch made like 60-plus films and at least a third of those are considered bonafide classics even by us non-Hollyweird types.