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Bobby Rush is the guy who trounced Barack Obama back in 2000.

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It's not fair the Obama gets to the be the first black president of EVERYTHING.

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In fairness, Kerry is not the only one staring at that rack.

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I can't wait til my daughter whom IVF made possible is big enough to kick this guy in the (useless) nuts. That will give me and wife not only biological but spiritual satisfaction.

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For the record, I consider Wonkette to be a *very* fancy newspaper.

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Wait, which one is the fatcat?

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Regret being able to give only one thumbs up to this comment. Awesome.

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Love this post. Awkward attempt at cheating on your wife with a consenting adult female is the new standard for Republicans? Got it. I'll be on the lookout for a string of resignations in the coming weeks...

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Believe it or not, I heard this whole speech on C-Span radio while I was washing the dishes. Yes, I am weird.

Anyway, she tells this truly bizarre story about how her Norwegian ancestors came to this country. She said they tried to abandon their kid while boarding a ship for the United States because they couldn't afford to all go. So the entire family was going to ditch Tiny Tim and take off without him. The ship captain intervened and let the kid on for free, and now a hundred years later we have a whacko wingnut in Congress who thinks the socialists are taking our precious country and bringing it to its knees.

Hello? Michele, you're supposed to tell a story that *doesn't* make it sound like you come from a horribly abusive family.

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I assume the Tea Party Patriots will make their first agenda item to end Taxation without Representation in DC, right? right? Get it? The ACTUAL Boston Tea Party was about that?