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This is a really good question. In an ideal world hard work should be enough. Everyone should be equal and the amount of time you put into something and how hard you work should be all that matters. However, we are not in a perfect world and people think differently all over the world. I forget which country but the country that tried to make everyone equal and give everyone equal pay it ended up horribly. I wish people were selfless but you want the best for the people you care about so no it is not all about working hard. It really is in some way about who you know. If you are poor you are most likely going to stay poor. There are some times when people move up and down in class, but for the most part you will stay were you are your whole life. It is sad but it is how this society works. If we all were on the same level and made the same money it just would not work because people are not that self less. Many people unfortunately are just looking out for themselves because lets face it other people are looking out for themselves too so they feel that is what they should be doing. Plus it is true many illegal immigrants do not have enough money to come legally. Here is the thing though, many employers that employ them pay them less than they would if they were to hire normal people living in America. I know that one girl said she would pick pears instead of letting illegal immigrants and I am sure many others would too, but they would be forced to pay them the standard pay. Also I am sure that many that were asked probably said no because of their pride. There is nothing we can really do about immigration because there is no easy solution. I am happy to say though that sometimes it really does pay off when you are a hard worker but if you are in a company that does not care that much about that and they care more about money, well it is not going to be hard work that pays off. I go back and forth about how I feel about illegal immigrants. Sometimes I think they are doing the jobs no one else wants to so that is good, but sometimes I feel like maybe someone would do that job. What about now that all these people are loosing there jobs? Are they willing to mow loans and clean houses and so on? Maybe they are, maybe people are starting to change and are willing to work actual labor. I feel like sometimes people are just too lazy to do these things. I mean you could always mow your own lawn so than there would be less illegal immigrants getting hired. I just do not know. I realize that in a way we can not do much cause this is a problem that has been around for ages but for the first time in my life I am sick of Sam telling me were hypocrites. We are not responsible for the shit that happened in that past and if you keep using it as an argument that we can not change the future. i believe you should learn from the past and then do not make the same mistake again. It is shit what we did to the Indians so, if we ever were to try and take over land again maybe we should think back and realize what were about to do and maybe not do it. We can not change the past so lets start trying to fix things for the future.

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They say you never really know how someone feels until you have walked in their shoes. Sam's class was a very eye opening and experience. It was definitely worth the hour and fifteen minutes we spent in there. I noticed someone asked about the oil and the war in Iraq. Honestly I did not think that was why we went to Iraq, but maybe that is what the people in Iraq were told. Also, maybe the oil thing is just a newer reason as to why were over there, since I feel like were always making up new reasons for the war. I do see, however, that the reason Obama is sending more troops into Afghanistan I can see how that is about oil. It was a really deep class and it really drew on a lot of things that many of us may have never thought about. It was interesting to have a different view point, I never thought about the war from a religious perspective. I have thought about the fact that to many people in the middle East we probably are the ones who look like the bad people. So when he was talking about how we, from the perspective of people living in Iraq, would want to fight the Americans I already knew that many people would raise their hands, but that did not make the class have a less effect on me. The main thing was about Muslims and Christians. To them we are seen as the extreme Christians wanting to take over the world and we view them as the extreme Muslims, but what I found amazing was what he said at the end. He stated that actually many Muslims are not involved in the war and that the ones that are are the extremists. Which means we judge them quickly and they do the same. The extremist Christians I am sure are the ones invading, but what I do not think they realize is that some of those people are not probably Christians, just like some of the people attack us are not Muslims. We all see each other in a bad way, which is what makes war. People invading and people wanting to be able to use their land as they see fit. This is not the basis of all war but I do know that lots of wars are fought over land and religion. Those are really the two main reasons, so it would make since that they would pin us as the "Christian Invaders." Which is just the same for us, we pin them as the Muslims trying to invade our land. I do not like war, but I realize people will not always agree on everything and that some want more than they have and others just want to live and control the resources they have. The example he gave about the Chinese really made me understand this all too. It really hit home because we never consider someone invading us.

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Alright guys do you really think laughing things off will solve this major problem? I understand what you guys are saying about people get offended either way, but I think you are missing the point. Do not get me wrong, I agree with a lot of what you are both saying, but I just do not think it is that simple. I was once called a disgrace to my race for being with a black man, I cannot laugh that off especially when that is coming from other people on this planet. I can not even imagine what some minorities face out there when it comes to racism. Granted it really is a no win situation and maybe you mean like little things like the LL Bean catalog should just be laughed off, and not every little thing should be taken so seriously because I do agree with that. I laugh when people say white people cannot dance cause I know that it is not entirely true. Just like I am sure some of the black people were laughing at the catalog because they know there not dressing that way. I do not think the girl was that offended by the catalog, I just think she was trying to understand when other races will fit in. If you think about it there being called not really black because there dressing that way, but than were their "acting black" people through out racism towards them cause their black. It is kind of a vicious cycle. What I think is worse, is that they feel the need to do dress "white" in order to fit in to society. It is not fair that we judge people so much on what they look like. Sam wants us to talk, I think that is the point of the class. Racism probably will never be completely gone from our society. To answer the one girls question, I think people just have to do what makes them happy. I do not know if you will ever not be criticized I wish I knew, but you just have to be yourself. I feel like maybe someday we can all win together, but I would agree when you guys say it is not about winning. In sports they say "it's about how you play the game" I am a firm believer that that's true, winning should not matter. I also agree that we should all just try to accept one another and who cares how you dress or what you look like. Unfortunately, that is just hard to convince every person in this world to do that. I wish it was not. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to race relations, we just all need to keep trying to move forward.

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Alright so I realize this is a big deal to a lot of people that Sam talked about the whole bleeding thing. Honestly, I found it quite interesting to hear it from a mans perspective and I do not think it is such a big ordeal that people should walk out of the classroom. What Laurie says is quite unique in the fact that she talks about it upfront and does not spare the detail. We do live in a mans world, and I realize since men do not have to deal with it, it makes it harder for women to talk about. Personally, I think that women should not feel afraid to talk about it, but I do not think it is necessary to bring it up all the time. I respect peoples decisions not to want to talk about it, but women need to get over it. We all know it is happening and eventually someday everyone will be married or with some significant other and that significant other is gonna need to know whats going on. I mean if you are in a bitchy mood it would probably be better to tall the person than just be a pain. The cramps and other sorts of pains that come with having a period is what all women deal with. Imagine women who don't have pads or tampons, I bet they have more issues with it than we do. It is unhealthy for a woman not to have one, so talking about if one needs to should not be a big deal. I am not saying go into every class you have and announce it to them, but if you need to tall someone than that she be OK. I think that most of the time women freak out too much when they hear it from a man. I think this because women do talk about it. We ask each other for tampons and such, so obviously that means you have started or are on it. I know many women who will joke around about it if there surrounded by other women. I just think everyone lost it cause it has never been talked about in such a big group setting. So, I give props for Laurie for being brave and talking about it in front of an audience. I realize that the word "bleeding" could have been what upset people, but that's exactly what it is. I was kind of in shock when he first said it, I will admit, but I also have a serious phobia of blood which means if you say the word enough I will faint. Girls need to toughen up and just realize we all got it so it really is not that big of a deal.

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The last couple of times I have been in class, I have not been impressed by the words going up on the screen. All the jokes and comments were kind of funny for the first minute and than it went to, lets grow up and move on to something worth my time. With that said the other day in class was the first glimpse I saw of people taking that messaging thing seriously. It was interesting to hear different opinions about what others in class thought but I was disappointed with some of the comments put up there. As far as the stereotypes that were being put on the screen, I feel like most people were not being too serious about that. When people started saying things that attacked other people was when I became disappointed. I agree with Sam's statement that if you are not willing to walk in front of the class and say that or just say it out loud do not say it. In my head I was wishing he would call those people out just so they could learn a lesson, but I guess that is a tad harsh. Now does rudeness go both ways? Well, I think it kind of does but speaking from a white perspective, I personally was not that offended by the things people said about us. Maybe I am that way because I know a lot of it was not true and the things that were true did not really strike me as of base. I have met a lot of white people that are ignorant, but I have met people from other races that are ignorant as well. I have met a lot of people in my life from all different backgrounds and races, and there are some who are ignorant, others close minded and then there are the people who are so open to things. My favorite are obviously the ones who are open to talking and just open minded in general. Maybe colored people are offended more, and feel the need to speak up about it more, but I honestly have no idea. I am ignorant in the fact I have no idea what colored people's lives are like. I have had glimpses, but a lot of the glimpses have just reminded me of any other hardships of anyone else. I guess I do not believe in generalizations just because I look at everyone as individuals. If some individual does this, than that does not mean the next individual that comes along will do the same thing or be like that other person. I realize generalizing in the class makes it easier to teach, but it is very different than how I think about people. Color is just a color nothing more to me. Three of my five best friends are of different races and I love them to death. To wrap up my tangent and bring it back on topic, every one gets offended at some point by something so, maybe this time around the white people were just not that offended.

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I would have to agree for the most part about what you said. I feel most of the time theme party's are stereotypes, but not racist. We did learn in my group about the Compton Cookout event some people were having and the invitation on Facebook seemed very racist. It assumed a bunch of stereotypes about black and brown people, but that was one of the first times I have ever seen a theme party really be racist. The description for the party was actually part of what made it so appalling. I feel, as you said, that Italians are probably offended by the Jersey Shore parties. I have seen people tan for the Jersey Shore parties which i think is a tad extreme, not to mention those bump-its. Also, some lower class white people are offended by the white trash parties. However, just looking at those three examples they are all different races and therefore blacks are not the main targets. If anything we make fun of sports and things that are stereotypical. However, because they are so stereotypical it does not really need to be a big deal. I would hope people have the common sense to know that Tennis players are not hoes. For the most part though I feel if themed parties had to be anything they would be more sexiest. I mean you have a ton of themed parties designed to call women hoe's and make them dress slutty. In fact, most themed parties are designed to get the women to be dressed with as little as possible. Granted they do choose to dress this way, but still the title has hoe in it. I could see how maybe the pimp's and hoe's might be considered racist, but I mean it is not intentional. Than there's the themed parties that are just random and fun. For example, highlighter parties and toga parties which I do not think is racist or sexiest in any way shape or form. These types of parties along with like beach parties are just there. I once went to a random party that required you to bring something to drink out of that was not a cup. That was just good fun because people brought the most random objects. Themed parties are designed to get people out of the normal so that they can let loose and have fun. I do not think people are purposely trying to offend anyone and since all sorts of people attend them I do not see them as a big deal. I think they are more designed to make people relax and there not aimed to hurt people. Not to mention there just another way to get people to show up and drink.

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I think there is many different ways to view this topic really because there is no correct answer of what to do, but there really never is for anything. All people can do is try there best and hope things turn out alright. I agree that in the beginning I had a problem seeing how this affected me. There was so much wrong doing to the Native Americans but yet I do not know any. I have seen a couple from time to time but I have never had a conversation with one. After the lectures I really had to think about why I felt so detached from the problem. the lecture today did help put into perspective for me on how this hurts Native Americans but I was still unsure about whether it really mattered to me. I had a burst of realization before sitting down to write this. Basically I started to think about it in terms of other minorities. Other minority groups demanded their freedom and land. Not to mention other minority groups are intermixed with the majority daily. However, I feel like if we are willing to help out other minorities and correct are mistakes when it comes to slavery and such why can we not give back to the Native Americans? Are government makes policies all the time for minorities to get a better share of things so why not Native Americans? I realize it is not a very concrete idea but if we are willing to try and fix the wrongs we have committed on other minorities than maybe we should try to fix this problem as well. Than you have the how will you fix it? I honestly am not sure, but maybe it would help if the government started by apologizing to the tribes that remain. An apology would be a very small step, but it would at least show the Native Americans that America has realized the genocide that was caused. The steps that follow after that apology could go in many different ways. Maybe taking the time to go visit these people and talk to them would help. Maybe if we could hear what they have to say and than try to work something out with them that could also potentially work. Also we could set aside some nice parts of land for them, kind of like their own personal forest just for them. I am not sure how to stop them from feeling the way they feel but I did like the idea about giving them better education. Giving them better education would help them be more up to date in today's world. Also, maybe we should start discussing the genocide in class rooms before college.

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You have an interesting view point, even though I cannot agree with you. I have bisexual friends and none of them are confused. I think it is hard for people to imagine that someone liking both sexes when we are all conditioned to like one. My one friend once described his bisexuality to me and it made me understand. He told me he is attracted to some girls and some guys but it depends on the individual person. Just like straight people and gay people we all have a type that were attracted to more than others. Two people can be walking down the street and see the same person; one may think there the most amazing, beautiful person in the world, while the other thinks they are ugly. It is the same for bisexuals they just do it with both sexes. I mean I am sure that there are people that are out there that are confused, but I do not believe all bisexuals are. It is just individually based for them on the girl and the guy. It is like how Sam talked about you can not control that feeling, he can not either. He just likes both depending on the person. I feel it is unfair to say they are confused because I do not think they are. I have another friend who is a woman and is engaged to a woman becoming a man. They are one of the happiest couples I have seen in the longest time and they are not normal. The one is bisexual and the other wants to be a man. I do not think they are confused, there in love and happy. If you are straight than you are straight and if you are gay than you are gay, so if your bisexual you are bisexual. It seems quite simple with me. There are people who experiment because they are confused, but usually those people end up either going back to being straight or they end up completely gay, they rarely stay as bisexual. I do agree with your point about the fact that we are not all bisexual. I am straight and never have had a wanting to be with someone of the same sex in any way. I love my friends of the same sex, but not in a sexual of anything more than a friend way. It is just not how I am, but I fully support people who are gay and bisexual and I know they support my decision. All my friends that are gay have never even tried to hit on me because they respect the fact I am straight. Even my bisexual friends respect that part of me, but I do not think we are all bisexual.

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How is it this happens? Honestly I think people just automatically get in a discussion and then over generalize the population into blacks and whites. We do not think about what we are saying. Everyone is a person and should be treated with that respect. The over generalization happens no matter though and everyone is thrown in a category. It is kind of like how some people assume all Hispanics are Mexican, they are wrong obviously but the make they make the assumption anyways. People find it easy to just stick everyone in a category because once you try to split people up, a lot of the time, you find that people can not be stuck together in one group. Every person on this planet is different. Even the ones that look most alike, like twins, usually are completely different. No one should or can be classified, but people try anyways. It always comes back to black and white though because they share the most history in the U.S. with one another. Native Americans have shared a lot of history too but, there not as big of a group as "blacks". The history of whites keeping the black man down is a something taught over and over again. So, when people talk about race or anything it always ends up back at the thing we think we know the most about. even know though, I feel I do not know much about anything because when Sam made the point about the slaves in class I was shocked. I had never thought about the fact that the conditions they went into were worse than slavery. It is a fight that keeps going and going. Plus, if you tried to talk about other races, people might find that it would be hard to classify that many races. Race really should not exist because it is impossible to classify it. Since it still exists though, people have to figure out how to talk about it. When people start to talk about it that's when the usual classification of blacks and whites come out. People try there hardest to not talk like that I am sure but it just happens sometimes. I feel as if people have a hard time not talking about those two because we have been talking about it for so long. Hispanics and Asians and other "races" exist but none compare to how much we talk about blacks and whites. Maybe it is because they are so different when it comes to skin that people just automatically go there in discussions. I think if people just pulled away from the generalizations and looked at ever being in this planet as a whole, maybe that would help.

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In a lot of ways I would agree with what you have stated. I too have seen the movie avatar and at first look back I never thought about the white hero or supremacy of whites. However the way I think about what Brooks has to say is a tad different. He talks about how the "white messiah" is saving the people, but to me it is a minority that is saving the people. The main character is disabled and enjoys being an avatar more because he can walk, run, jump and so on. The main character is put in a world that he does not understand and I feel the civilization actually, in a way, saves him. They teach him about connecting to your surroundings and giving thanks to the ones they kill. It is more of him being taught how to live better off the environment.
If anything I feel this movie is really about saving the environment. So much of the theme is based off of people ruining the cultures and societies of others. The movie focuses so much on the land and how when the humans destroy it, there actually destroying some other things home. The only way I see the white man saving the people is in the end he has a plan to get the people to fight back, but he does that in an avatar skin. Also, he happens to know how to destroy the plans and such that are after the civilization. I am sure if the civilization knew the information that he did they would not have needed him. Another interesting thing about the movie that makes me think Brooks is wrong is that in the end it is a women from the civilization that kills the "bad guy." The main character brought the many different tribes together, but it was the women that killed the main villain. To me this makes me think that James Cameron was actually trying to show that minorities are just as capable of doing things as the majority. Brooke makes an interesting argument and yes white men usually are the ones on top, but more and more movies I feel are trying to get away from that stereotype. In fact, I feel like the main issue now is the environment because before Avatar there were movies like Wall-e that really dealt with people destroying the environment and movies like Up that had a hint of how the world was changing in a not so good way. Avatar I feel went into the same issues and also many other issues, but none of the issues I thought of had to do with white supremacy. I think Brooks has a unique insight, but it is not one I would agree with.