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This child just saved this family from a tragedy and all you can do is poke fun of this young child's name???
This is why KCRG is changing their commenting policy. (Which I do not like)

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Not very neighborly of him. I guess I shouldn't complain about my neighbors anymore when they neglect mowing their lawn.

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What could a child do that was so bad that warranted being beat to death? God rest her soul.

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Why change the commenting sight? I think it's funny that KCRG who makes their living by freedom of press and freedom of speech would want to censor our rights. I love coming to this sight and reading the comments. The only reason you guys are doing this is to protect the criminals. You think by using Facebook forum we will go easier on the criminals . These punks are so tough and bad and can shoot, stab, rob, molest, but they are too weak to read the truth written about them in these comments, so Kcrg is "protecting" the criminals. That is so wacked!

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So, when we use our facebook page othe debaters will be able to view our profile??? That contains my personal pictures of my children. Yep, I think it's time to leave KCRG. You obviously are more concerned about protecting the privacy of these creeps that are in the news for molesting children then you are us.

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OK smarty pants.....what;s YOUR real name??? Don't be a coward.

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I was wondering why also. I had a few choice words for him and his supporters. But my guess is that they disabled it so no one can leak the names of the victims. Which I totally agree with. He is one sick @#$%

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I would love to see photo of the man they are fighting over. Must be really hot if he's worth going to prison for.

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Violoence amongst women is really on the rise. And they aren't just pulling hair. They are playing like big boys.

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WOW! You took the words right out of my mouth. A little bit racist of KCRG to allow commenting ONLY on white people when they do something wrong.