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Hopefully CDOT finishes the fancy new Diverging Diamond at McCasslin before the 1400 new homeowners move in!

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Wow, another FUD alarmist. Here's an ozone hole status update, old man: "[The o-zone hole was caused by] human-produced chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which were once heavily used in aerosols and refrigeration. By international agreement, CFCs have been phased out of use. The policy has real effects, new satellite observations reveal. In 2012, the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica was smaller than it has ever been in the last 10 years." source:

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Yes, Alfalfas is pretty spendy! Hopefully going multi-store will allow Alfalfas to negotiate better base prices from its suppliers & pass those along to customers.

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Little cute buildings? More like 1970's-era mini strip malls. I bet we'd have more diversity in new buildings if there wasn't a height restriction. As long as that's here, we'll always see new construction as 3.5 story blocky buildings.

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That was in 2005. Any u-lock worth a dime has since gone with flat keys. Kryptonite even did a free replacement program to upgrade your lock to use the new keys.

Also, this Bottle Jack doesn't look particularly portable:

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> if you can afford a $3k mountain bike, you can afford. . .

. . . a u-lock. Can't believe someone would use a cable lock on a bike like that.

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Regardless of the cause of this accident, 93 really needs some serious safety improvements. I'm tired of waiting for the decision on e-470 from Interlocken to Golden. How many people have to die before CDOT does something?

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I know DC staff is overworked an underpaid, but stories like this should really include a map!

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You've got the wrong Bussey. This is Gary Busey:

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Good point. The $465 million government loan to Tesla was a complete boondoggle.