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This week has been really terrible for me-- I'm back on the job market, for one-- but the folks here have offered a lot of great advice and support. Thanks to everyone who had kind words over the years, when my dog died, when I was having trouble with my ADHD meds, and so on. It's been so nice knowing that there are genuine and kind people on the internet.

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Probably awesome, I'm thinking teeny tiny hexagons? Ps. the yarn is from here

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Just got quoted in the Atlantic.

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This one is also the hairpin but it's still my all-time favorite Mallory piece.

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Well I don't 100% know how to embed images, but I'm pretty proud of this one. 150 crocheted hexagons, and now all I have to do is stitch them together and weave in the ends... yes, just a little weaving in, not daunting or anything

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I'm not prepared to put my face on the internet, but if I can paint you a mind-picture, right now I have the day off so I'm wearing a jumpsuit with no bra and eating toast with jam. Feels appropriate.

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Oh shit I didn't even think of it in those terms, but yeah, I've been pushed into what is essentially project management over the last year or so when that was never in my job description. Turns out I'm terrible at it but I can't find a way to say to management "I need fewer responsibilities." Especially since we're understaffed right now. I have a coworker who's been doing the same fairly narrow, midlevel role for the past 20 years-- he's kind of an old coot and I think people sometimes look down on him for not wanting to move up the ladder, but now I'm starting to realize that he's got the right idea.

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Also I'm getting the sense from the letter that this is the kind of place where women are not exactly required but definitely expected to wear heels, and that shit needs to end one way or another

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I'm very conflicted on this one. The Catholic school alum in me is profoundly anti-dress code; I think that people who interact with the public should probably expect to wear a clean collared shirt and shoes that you wouldn't mow the lawn in, but beyond that, fuck it. I started my career with an internship that had a formal dress code, and a large chunk of my meager pay went towards blazers and skirts. Not everyone can afford to do that, and it's fundamentally shitty to think that you can judge someone's professionalism, education, or experience by how fancy their shoes are.

On the other hand, that's the world we live in whether we like it or not, and part of the purpose of internships is to assimilate young people into this world where we don't wear flip-flops or mention to the boss how much we drank last night, and if you don't at least vaguely grasp that you're there to learn this stuff, what are you doing?

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Welp, I fucked up at work. More specifically, I got myself into a position where someone else's fuckups are now my big goddamn problem. This is a new one for me (usually I'm the sole fuckup) and don't know how to feel properly ashamed of my mistakes and angry at the other person at the same time. So I'm just sort of tense and cringing.

Luckily I still have my job, but I'm starting to think it would behoove me to get a different one. Please tell me your stories of how you escaped a morass of bullshit and got your career on track! (Also tell me if you know of anyone whose communications department is hiring.)