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You are right on the money. The Oscars is about celebrating great entertainment, but all that the best in entertainment can produce is just half-hearted crap. The writing is always this lame banter that could have been written by high schoolers. You call those lines jokes??

C'mon! Put your heart into it and do something worth watching Show us why we ought to know you are the best

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Hollywood used to celebrate America. Now, they just mock and disparage.


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Oscars? Any of these names?
Don't know, Don't care.

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Sounds like you are one of those H8ters i hear so much about
Nicely played

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I have a daughter who lives in Pasadena. Was planning to go to the ArcLight next visit, but from what i read here, it would be a waste of time and money

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This same thing happened in the 50s-60s. What had worked didn't anymore and the studios fought TV with a vengeance, instead of getting with the program.

But, being typical liberal democrats, they know what is best for us and will make us accept it.

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Looks like Dirty Harry is the head usher, "go ahead, make my day"
Thanks for the videos

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It seems like Hollywood is a private club. Film-makers do things to show off to their peers with little regard for input from anyone outside their circle.

Nice picture, too, of Alec Baldwin. That guy was great in Red October and Beetlejuice, but now, he's just the buffoon that called his daughter a pig. Screw him

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Would have commented sooner but I was watching my UP! dvd.
Haven't had cable since I moved in 2005. Who needs it

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I have the Netflix three DVD plan and streaming. My account was just charged $25.90.
This seems like a bargain to me. I fail to comprehend the indignation and gnashing of teeth from the increase.
and by the by, there is nothing in the theaters worth paying extra to see, anyway.

The studios got their noses out of joint in the 50's in competition with TV. I see they continue to nurture their arrogance