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Just like Obama, Adolf Hitler was ultra-popular too. When Hitler was elected, Germany gave him a chance, and he did what he did. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Obama might as well have modeled his rise to power on Hitler's. Hitler didn't take office and in the same year begin rounding up undesired races or attacking Poland or Russia. He took his time, built up support and consolidated the countries infrastructure, nationalizing banks and industry until his fascist dream became a reality. When he had those problems solved, he began re-writing the laws concerning civil rights in Germany.

It's up to us, the folks that can learn from history, to make a difference. You may not need to be a jew or have a skin color that's different from our new progressive leader, but I have a feeling that B. Hussien has a special place in his heart for conservatives, libertarians, and just about anyone that doesn't go along with his program. This whole progressive movement is just a means to eliminate the constitution and create a one-world government, with the fascist jackboot embossed with a happy face, stomping the guts out of our liberties.

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This may seem to be the impossible solution, but Romney seemed to be the only alternative and the one candidate that emulated Goldwater's views on governance. Tis a shame some Republicans couldn't see past their own self righteous pious bigotry, and nominated a political weakling in McCain. Who wouldn't ask for a redo if we could get the financial savvy of Mitt Romney to get us through this quagmire? Repulicans, put away the tar and feathers and elect the man who will get us out of this mess in 2012!

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Esquire magazine just listed some of the men that other men should emulate. Of course, I usually pass right by these rags at the supermarket, but someone told me it would be interesting, so I peeked. They actually said that Barney Frank was a male that other males should try to be like. After I cleaned up the puke that I could not get into the toilet, I read the rest. It actually said that old glory hole Barney was not filled with hot air! Please! I fell it coming up again! AAAAAAK!

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Why are people so afraid of guys like Barney Frank? How did a degenerate like him become so powerful and influential? He seems to have forgotten that he was elected by the people of his district, not general populace of the entire country. Furthermore, his office does not excuse him from answering to the people, especially since his actions have effected a large part of the way this economic disaster has come about. Why hasen't he been called on the carpet yet? A tea party won't fix the problem of having guys like this running our government.

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Actions speak louder than words. American culture has bred a youthful populace that is more apithetic and less inclined to react to freedoms being restricted. The problem with Obama's fascist dream is that there are a few of us idealists left that honor the constitution and value the principle of defending the right to worship God, love and protect family and propigate self determination that the constitution once gauranteed. As a former marine and high school history teacher, I know the time for talking has passed. AIG and GM has proved where Obama and his thugs want us to end up. Fascism with a happy face? Not for me! Tea parties are fine for a start, but I'm afraid it will all end up in armed conflict, and this country will be in a new bloody civil war again, not for state's rights, but in a fight for our personal civil rights.

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Some of the idiots commenting on TV news here have definitional issues. We aren't leaning towards socialism,as that would be a painful situation, but probably survivable. We are definately headed towards fascism. If you don't believe or support that view, open up the commonly availible Webster's dictionary and look up the word 'fascism.'

Fascism -- 1. the doctrine, methods, or movement of Fascisti 2. a system of govenment characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of oposition, private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, beligerent nationalism, racism and militarism, etc: ect

You are blind if you don't see it coming. Go ahead and fool yourself. I heard Glenn say it was 'Happy face Fascism' that threatensusnow,but that happy face will likely disappear as soon as the dictatorial conquest is complete. There won't likely be beligerent nationalism, but as Obama hasbeen known to advocate, one-world government will be the hallmark of this generation, and if you don't support this view, you will be crushed. That does not give me a happy face.

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Obama's biggest mistake is that He underestimates the reaction that the American people will have about being ruled by an openly totalitarian leader. Being excessively governed was the main reason that the colonies broke with Great Britain. Fascism will fracture this country into the ones that will be willing to be led by these idiots, and seperated into the other group that will rise up in revolt against such lunacy. I hear you (Glenn) say that an armed uprising is not what we should expect, but that is just wishful thinking. If the second ammendment is not abolished, that posibility will always be there, and it actually should be expected. Didn't Thomas Jefferson once say that "a little revolution now again is a good thing?" After the corporate world gives in to being led around by the fascist ring in their collective noses, Obama and his thugs will be coming after our guns next. If you are not willing to defend your freedom with a little sweat and blood, then you deserve to lose it.

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This may sound trite, but the solution to most of America's problems could be solved with a dose of self reliance. If you have the means, you should grow a garden rather than buy food produced at a corperate farm. If you can make something, then do that rather than buying it from the Chinese represenatives at Wal-Mart. It also means voicing your opinions and getting involved in how you are being governed. We, as a nation, have gotten so lazy regarding many issues. If you don't stand for something, eventually you will fall for everything. Stand up for your rights and fight this fascist slant that America is leaning towards. I will. I don't care if it is fascism with a happy face, it isn't making me smile.

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I'm skeptical because I don't think that simply talking to those in power will work. It may be too late. I hope Obama won't turn out to be as bad as Hitler or Stalin, but if he goes unchecked, as it seems he is going now, the potential is there. Remember; power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Hitler did not start ruling Germany by beating it into submission with the iron boot of conquest, but by incrementally destroying the structure of freedoms until the German people never knew what hit them. He promised economic prosperity, but at what cost? Slowly, he began taking over private industry, nationalizing businesses until he had a 'recovery' that seemed to have Germany's economic ship righted. Then it began. Government began to take away the common rights of free men until most citizens of conscience could do little but watch the parade pass them by.