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As in Europe, the birth rate of the United States has fallen far below replacement level and we are now imploding demographically. The apparent surpluses you see in our urban areas are immigrants from third world countries who are not going to be using these contraceptives. They will multiply and seize YOUR earnings to support them with while you kill off your progeny. And that's what you get for watching tv nowadays and/or listening to liberal lunatics.

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It's Occupoop. The world's most stupid group.

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It was the political application of the Cloward-Piven strategy by Democratic Socialist Party members in the Senate (elected mainly in the 2006 election) who deliberately passed bills that hey knew would damage the US economy by placing enormous burdens of debt on the government. Cloward-Piven tactics similarly were used to sink NYC's economy in 1975, when it filed for bankruptcy.
As we should all have figured out by NOW the Obama administration is full of Democratic Socialist members who have been actively passing legislation that would cripple the federal government and US economy by overburdening them with massive amounts of debt.
Everything Obama does in office is designed to cripple us with massive debt. This is the political strategy that brought on the financial crisis and resulting recession in 2008 and Obama is playing it to the hilt as are many democrats. They will continue playing it until we get them out office.

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Does anyone other than the brainwashed OBOTs among us really CARE what these grotesque clowns have to say???

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How about hiring fewer Islamic militants for the NJ state legal sytem while we're at it! Huh, guv??

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Since when did "incendiary" ever bother subversives like DW-S??? In fact, I think SHE does "incendiary" rather well. Perhaps better than most conservatives and others!

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He's not even a US citizen. He is the LAST person in the entire world who would know what the hell WE need. The fact is we don't WANT a new government. If he wants in on an Islamofasc ist dictatorship let him move to Kenya or Indonesia and take over THEIR governments.

nio thanks, Orotten Hood!

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Matthews oughta know!

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If the folks comprising the liberal sector of the USA's population truly believe they are smarer than everyone else they are welcome to move out of America and take Obama with them. We don't want them and certainly they have no desire to stay in a country where they can't ram Marxist policies down the throats of every living member of the adult population.

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Her just wants power that he is not entitled to and does not deserve. Lord knows we've all seen enough! And the idiot never even worked a day in his life to top it all off!!!