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The Life of the World to Come, also the song "Black Pear Tree".

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Strangely, his Wikipedia article mentions that he once got into a food fight in Denny's because "the staff disappeared and they could not get their check".

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OK I'm gonna Speak Out and say that I am very prone to highly incompetent driving in situations like being lost or not being able to find parking, and I guess I'm missing other life skills too but so are a lot of people, and not all of us are neurotypical and able to conform to what most people think we should be able to do.

None of which has anything to do with the horrors of dating or catweazle's prerogative to give up on this dude, of course.

Sorry I've got some gin with me and driving touches a nerve apparently.

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Just to add a third voice, that sure sounds like autistic stuff to me. In particular, I get the impression that sensory stuff like what you describe is not usual for neurotypicals, and I don't ever seem to observe anyone else rocking or stimming like I do. Some of the other things you mention would probably in isolation be within the bounds of normal neurotypical behavior, but they're all common parts of the autistic experience and taken together I think it all adds up to something pretty suggestive of autism. Also, I am most definitely autistic and the traits you've listed sound just like me, for whatever that's worth.

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When my dad was reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to us, he rendered approximately the fifteenth reference to the poop deck as "the poop deck, where they kept all the toilet paper" and kept going without missing a beat.

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My mom apparently asked my dad to read The Chronicles of Narnia out loud to her when she was pregnant with me. Nine years later before my sister was born they did it again and I joined them and that's how I was introduced to the Chronicles of Narnia. (Before Aslan died my mom made sure to tell me "it's going to seem like something bad happens, but it turns out OK". I said "Like someone dies and then comes back?" and she got kind of shifty.) I'm pretty sure we made it through at least The Silver Chair.

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Hello, The Toast! I have just gotten a job for the summer! At a library! Also yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I'm going to see the Mountain Goats on Sunday!

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I posit that the so-called begrudging mom is actually Goatless gesturing at Prodigal like "WHAT. YOU CAN'T BE FUCKING SERIOUS. LOOK AT THIS ASSHOLE."

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I hope it's Wawa.