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Wichita Massacre.What a great movie that would have been .Or what about the hideous torture and murders of young couple Christain and Chastain. Had her perform oral sex then put Draino down her throat to get rid of DNA..

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In that instance it merely shows ambition vs no ambition..nothing wrong with having no ambition ..i just don'

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Now we're talking.. its about time US politicians become criminally liable for the disasters they have put Americans born and yet to be born..Not deciding to run for re election or resigning and get a multi million dollar retirement is not punishment. Ted Kennedy,Harry Reid,Pelosi,Frank,Dodd,Waters.and the Bushes of course

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Yeah lets not get too scared over the "Red Menace" threat of a Demo taking her seat. Scott Brown took the "Liar of the Senate " seat after he finally died , so maybe we'll get a little closer to a conservative than Snowe next election.

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Come on!!! Nevada and in particular Las Vegas has the highest unemployed in the country!! Start using a statistic that is true for a change .How many are working?? Then you take the 50% of the population that doesn't pay income tax and you say holy &^%$# @@

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I needed to include movies and video games as well...

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Look the other way all you want ..these kids are exposed to waaay too much violence on TV ..including MMA fighting ..which should be banned anyway..

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Non issue..but since it was mentioned.The "Modern era' the left accuses Santorum of NOT "getting on" with is way more intolerant than the "Dinosauer era " they say that practising Catholics of live in.Ted Kennedy and Pelosi are not examples of practising Catholics.

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Condemn ...yes yes..thats the ticket ..condemn ..The smellies can't stand that..

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Poor Ol Jeb Bush ..scratching his head eh? Can't figure out what happened to his conservatism ?...first clue ..look down your pants and see if you've lost anything since being married to Josefina ...arriba!!! arriba!!!