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Wow. Did the Camera actually post a photo of a man in a strait jacket for us all to enjoy?

Are you flippin' serious?

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If he isn't guilty, he isn't a dangerous person in the community.

It would be slander to proclaim someone "dangerous" if they are not.
Being a "felon" in the past does not make one currently dangerous to the community, and does not mean they should be removed unless they are CURRENTLY dangerous.

Which is what the good Chief is saying.

I had to look "Libertarian" up. Are you the one who called me "right wing" as well? Usually I'm accused of being a "libuural" since I'm a lifelong Democrat.

Frankly, I like to think I'm a Constitutionalist - you know? Someone who supports and defends the Constitution and recognizes the Constitutional rights of others? Someone who has actually read the blasted right wing libertarian libuural thing. of THOSE icky people.

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"I didn't take notes... or Solemnly Memorialize the event... "

Maybe you should have, Billy.

Those words will always have very special meaning to me because I VOLUNTEERED to serve my country. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

I still honor that service and that oath to this day. It still seems like the right thing to do now more than ever.

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outsidebreak -

It still does not give The Chief any right to publicly try this man in the Daily Camera instead of a court of law by declaring him the guilty party.

What part of "presumption of innocence" don't you get?

Do you believe in America innocent people arent' forced into making false confessions or accepting guilty pleas for something they didn't do?

Wake Up call: the "Land Of The Free" now has the largest prison population the world has ever seen. BY FARRRRR.

We are a prison nation.

Cops, prosecutors, Judges, and attorneys all make their livings off incarcerating people - actual guilt or innocence is optional. Putting SOMEbody in prison is a WIN. It no longer mattters if that SOMEbody was the actual guilty party.

This kid could be guilty as hell - or innocent.

He hasn't been tried or convicted - which means it could go EITHER way. It was NOT The Chief's or the Daily Camera's place to convict him. It's the Judge and Jury's.

And who knows? They MIGHT find he was not guilty.

Do you not grasp the concept?

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Instead of mocking and scorning those who were forced into service, I CHOSE to serve along side males, thinking it was a patriotic DUTY of all Americans - not just my brother's.

I served in an era before sexual harassment laws,when convicted rapists were given the choice between prison or serving in the military. When women in the service were considered lesbians or whores, and subject to incredible harassment, because NO women EVER served their country for patriotic reasons.

Which leads me back to my original assertion, Billy boy. Either you didn't REALLY take the oath of enlistment, you were too dumb to understand what "defend the Constitution" means, or you had your fingers crossed behind your back and had no intention of honoring your oath.

All gas bagging aside, what part of "defend the Constitution" don't you get?

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Billy bud - I guess I don't quite get your point here.

Are you inferring or implying that my four years of military service during the Viet nam "conflict" somehow doesn't count because I was a volunteer, or because I was a woman?

Because I CHOSE to serve my country instead of being drafted, my service does not count?

Your sadly lame attempt to imply I was not a veteran because of how I spell "Viet Nam" implied to me YOU were one who enjoyed a student deferment - not to mention your complete misrepresentation of the oath of enlistment you supposedly took.

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Why would I "sleep easy", outsidebreak?

Are you truly that dense?

This does not negate the fact that an official sworn to uphold due process rights for the accused felt completely comfortable doing just the opposite? And to the cheers and applause of the idiots who don't even know better?

Educate yourself before it's too late. Do a little "home schooling" since you obviously are a victim of dumbed down education. They used to teach every American child this stuff in Civics class in those silly decades long ago before Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are what now defines "important news".

Are you REALLY comfortable in your belief authorities NOW are somehow smarter and morally superior to the dead white guys that put YOUR protections and rights into place so long ago so you now mock and scorn them?

Seriously - the rights (and life) you save just might be your own.

Like I said before - good luck, kiddo. Maybe it's better you don't know what you squandered.

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You live in the country that incarcerates more males than any nation on the face of the earth - DOUBLE the prison population of The Evil Empire (Russia) or Communist political prisoners of China COMBINED...

If you are female, nothing to worry about.

If of luck to you. We'll see who laughs last.

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I didn't suggest a lynching, either, did I outsidebreak?

IF he is the guilty party, The Chief is correct. IF he is NOT GUILTY, he is no more "dangerous" than The Chief is. Or YOU for that matter.

But there has been no evidence presented, no proof of guilt or innocence, no nothing except a Police Chief stepping out of bounds by decreeing the man "dangerous" and guilty without due process.

Cause that's what "justice" is all about, isn't it?

You ASSume YOU will never be wrongly accused. You got my word, outsidebreak - if The Chief and The Camera proclaim YOU are The One, I'm gonna wait for your day in court to believe it.

If indeed you are innocent, you'll thank me one day.

If not - like I said, there's plenty of time AFTER it's been proven beyond reasonable doubt for the self congratulations.

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Oh, and Billy dear - just so next time you enlist in the United States military, HERE'S the oath you SHOULD have taken:

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

True faith and allegiance...what a concept...!