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The Lomax is a movie made to brainwash our kids. I'll pass.

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Avatar was a waste of time and money for me. I and my husband( he only goes to movies once in a while, hates most everything out there.) have a date night for the movie Act of Valor. we are going to cheer for America and its hard working Seals . As for The Lomax. I will never take my kids to that one. Eco Terrorism at it's best. Plus mind control of our kids. Yuck who needs it.

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He will be missed by those of us who are fighting the Obama machine. My prayers for his wife and children who who miss him more.

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Glee, very yucky. It makes fun of families, homeschooling and God. promotes Homosexuality and vulgarity, it belongs in the trash can.

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Way to go Lin. You are an ispiration to us all. Maybe the plight of Christians in other parts of the world will now be noticed. Christians in countries like China and most parts of the middle east are under persecution all the time. I don't think we here in the USA are far behind. The Obama Adminstration is trying to force Christians to pay for abortions. What else will the goverment force us to do against our religious beliefs? How is this different from China?

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We are losing our religious freedoms fast. Many people of faith do not wish to aknowledge this. Goverment was created to protect our rights given by Consitution not take them away.

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Defaming Christianity in films seems to be at an all time high. Christian bashing is acceptable because we won't riot, or harm you if you make fun of Jesus or Christianity. Jack Black did a skit were he played Jesus ( some gay marriage skit on YouTube) Totally mocking Jesus and Christians. Islam is just as anti-gay I don't see Jack Black mocking Islam for its teachings or making fun its founder in a skit. I go to films to be entertained not bashed upon by the Hollywood elite. we need more films like, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series. ( I hope the Hobbit proves to be good)

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I am sorry for Whitney Houston's daughter and I hope she doesn't follow in her parents footsteps.I am sorry that Whitney got away from her religious roots. But I have always wondered why we make people demi-gods when they get famous? I agree Hollywood likes to be religious when it doesn't stop them from the life style they are currently seeking. It is one of the reasons why Christianity is hated so much. A war is being waged against Christianilty and other conservative religions. (except for Islam, that religion seems to get a pass, they are victims you know) I can name tv show, movies and songs that tear down Christianily but the list would be to long. That is why it is hard to take Hollywood seriously when they pray for one of their own.

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I quit watching all Award shows. The performers are lackluster for the most part and seem very full of themselves. Plus they love to suckerpunch conservatives.

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How about a movie where the goverment sells guns to drug cartels in Mexico and a border agent being a hero and doing his job is killed and the Goverment lies about it.....oh wait we can't do that story. The goverment is is run by wacky Democrates and not Wacky Republicans. Hollywood only tells a true story on corruption if the Goverment is run by Republicans.