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Thanks for the very informative site, keep up the great work.

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Last year my son worked, one or two times, with his father removing awnings. When he would do this he would wear an old coat and carry a knife for cutting the ropes. One morning he was running late and threw on the old coat, forgetting the knife was in it. Later when getting ready to leave school, when my son picked up his coat, the knife fell out. He was suspended for 20 days.

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They all ready are!

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Was Chris Brown's Sentence to light?

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Than she shouldn't be punished, and the teacher has no right to even ask for the girls username and password for facebook.

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Love your tips, great one. I am going to be sure give this a try

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Where are you from Mikes?

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I am going to create a help faq with images, give me a bit they take some time. It should be posted by tomorrow. These directions are a bit old and there is an easier way now.