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Yep Yep

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He isn't afraid at all of religious people, he just thinks you're, to use his words, "bats**t crazy". Now that's his opinion and he's entitled to it. I don't have any problem with anyone believing anything they want as long as they respect my right to do the same. Just as we should respect his right to be an Atheist. But seriously, can we leave religion out of the job of fixing our country?

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I'm glad that the idea of everlasting life and moral structure help provide balance in your life. But let's be clear, religion has no place in government, period. It may help SOME decide upon a man's character but otherwise it should be left out.

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Oh yeah that's it, thanks! Going to be even more nuts around there now.

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Anybody know what's going in the Northeast corner of 28th and Canyon, just West of North Face? Where they just took it down to dirt? 28th St is just going to get nuts around there.

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Poisoning dogs, man that is so low. I mean is the guy mentally challenged? If not, you can't do enough bad things to this guy as far as I'm concerned. What a complete A**hole! My sympathies to their owners :-(

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Moronic attempt at humor for the fox audience (which will think it is funny) while these humble and serious students prepare themselves to clean our clocks!! Wake up USA, we suck at primary education so get used to seeing asian and other foreign students filling our secondary education roles.

It's time to stop focusing on entertainment (The Kardashian's etc) and the quick buck (banking, day-trading) and start producing things we can export. It's time we stopped bailing out banks and the top 1% and started investing in education on all levels.

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Ummm, how about we hear a little more from Mr O'Donnell about his claim that she ran out of money and couldn't pay him? The contract is two-way and if the man didn't get his money then everything else is moot don't you think? What's the real story she's not telling us? I didn't hear her respond at all to his claim that she didn't fulfill her obligations, maybe she didn't!

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A lot of us on here are looking at the short-term costs, location, etc of these stations. Consider for a second that at some point we have to take ACTUAL steps to weaning off the oil tit. We should all be proud that we live in or near a town willing to take steps in that direction, even if it all doesn't look or work quite right.

The same could be said for our larger economic problems. We need to stop thinking about a quick fix, that everything's going to be alright next month (and darn it that we can make that way). Bull! We don't make crap in this country. We need to stop focusing on what the casino called Wall St is doing and start taking steps in real forward-thinking growth industries.

Let's have a little vision and look at what's going to work for us in twenty years, not twenty days.

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Sig 40 S&W in the safe by the bed, but the doors are definitely locked so they'll really have to work at it to be on the wrong end of that equation!