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I suppose being a layabout enables this people to hang around corners all day doing nothing but wearing silly circus costumes. Surely they should be made to work, even if it's removing sectarian graffiti form their beloved walls, which they are usually standing against or peeing against.

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Why are they allowing these sectarian thugs of the Orange Taliban to march by Saint Patrick's? Didn't they break their word last year they wouldn't play sectarian songs? I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't trust the Orange Dis-Order. They are vipers.

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Hopefully he will have the morale courage to condemn the Orange Order for bringing these sectarian thugs onto our streets.

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Once again money down the old loo. They haven'y a clue, this lot. If it's not exotic trips to Brazil, it's giving themselves a pay rise. Still, I suppose they're only laughing at the suckers who voted for them, time after time.

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saint Patrick's Day is for all, regardless of religion race or creed. One day, hopefully, the 12 will be as inclusive, and we can all enjoy it.

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Remember when smiling Mike uses to come over all nice on the TV? Now the real face has been put on. Anything against nationalists, Mike is up for it. Nice guy.

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Fascists thugs. Get off the guy's back. He doesn't want to wear one. dry yer eyes. End of story,

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You can't make this things up. What a headline. Love it. All that money they're making. What kind of life-style do they live? A good kick up the backside is what they need. Not more money.

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Why will you suddenly stop bowing the knee to unionists now, Marty? You've been doing it for years. get off yer knees lad!

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All this rioting from loyalists is all becoming very clear indeed. No wonder their mates in the cops treated them with kid gloves. What a joke. There are far too many cops as it is, now they want more more more!