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12 years ago @ Eniac's Ground - Dve hiljade deseta · 0 replies · +1 points

A koja su to pitanja s kojima si se vratio s LeWeba, baš me zanima... ;)

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - Build your startup any... · 1 reply · +1 points

Zemanta started in Ljubljana, Slovenia; they're in the Valley now. Skype's development was in Estonia.

12 years ago @ Feld Thoughts - The Discussion About T... · 2 replies · +1 points

Am I the only one who finds the term "gender diversity" a bit ridiculous? Considering there are only two... ;)

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - VC is about acceleration · 0 replies · +1 points

If you consider non-existing as different, then yes, you are right. Any startups need to go at least to London to be able to even have a chance to pitch. And those few who do find a local "angel investor" usually have to part with 50% of equity.

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - VC is about acceleration · 2 replies · +1 points

I understand those realities you mention, I just draw the conclusions from them. So basically I am correct -- no seed funding for technology startups, we need to go for uni grants.

Unfortunately we're based in Croatia, where such grants are practically nonexistant. And on top of that we're no students; me and my partners are 30- and 40-somethings, with probably half a century of combined development experience, and we have families to support.

So I guess we should ditch our technology and go for yet another Groupon clone. Check that.

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - VC is about acceleration · 4 replies · +1 points

No, I am not. I'm talking about basing your startup on technology innovation instead of building Web applications.

Once again, Web != the Internet.

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - VC is about acceleration · 6 replies · +1 points

Sorry Mark, but I think you're confusing Web with the Internet.

Most of what you said is indeed true for Web/mobile companies, which don't have to reinvent the wheel -- they just need to take any of the multitude of Web development tools and build a site, maybe an iPhone app, and you're off. No need to design your own car when you can buy one on the next corner.

But Web is not the Internet, and there is no need to wait for a new sir Tim to invent something in the depths of the CERN lab -- some startups are working on new technology which won't be widely accepted for years, but does that mean that they don't need funding? Or that all the funding of the infrastructural technology should come only from large science labs?

12 years ago @ StartupCFO - VC is about acceleration · 8 replies · +2 points

Great. So only independently wealthy should start startups. And yeah, no development of new technology -- only ideas that can be bootstrapped to revenue is interesting. Just great.

12 years ago @ TechCrunch - Wait, Me Too! I Am Als... · 0 replies · +2 points

Prokofy, this is just the kind of article Mike would write if he wanted to assure the world that he is NOT a spy, even though he actually is... :o)

12 years ago @ TechCrunch - Why Mobile Innovation ... · 2 replies · +6 points

As I see it, what we're witnessing is not "death" of PCs, but some kind of blending -- smartphones today, like iPhone or Android devices, are nothing but tiny PCs. iPad and other tablets come in between. Pretty soon instead of clearly differentiated phones/laptops/PCs etc we'll have an almost continuous array of devices with different sizes and with somewhat different interfaces, but able to do pretty much the same thing -- Internet, pics, movies, sounds and calculations of all kinds.