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Mail them to me and I'll post them for you then we won't have an issue. ;) Great resource!

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Love this! Sad it wasn't used, but that seems to be the trend. Some of my best work lives in the graveyard. Keep rocking it sir!

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Thanks for the comment. A creative environment is crucial for not only creatives, but anyone really. There are a grip of different studies out there that show all the miraculous ways that color and environment matter to animals, plants and humans. In college we even studied color psychology and it's affect on people in their environments. Pretty amazing stuff. The reason I think it is SO important for creatives is because we draw our inspiration from everything around us. Whether we know it or not we are storing the colors we interact with, the typefaces on the box of copy paper, the scale and layout of the furniture and everything else we come in contact with.

Let's talk colors specifically for a second. In a typical office full of fluorescent lights and business furniture you don't really get to see rich, sophisticated colors. If you dim the lights and add either some natural light or a lamp you get gradient variations of color across surfaces as the light degrades. What you are looking at inspires a more creative color palette to draw inspiration from, and in turn, use in your work.

One of the main areas I was trying to encourage with this blog is changing your environment when you don't feel the creative juices flowing. After a while we get so used to our environment that it doesn't stimulate curiosity/creativity anymore. By changing items on your desk, moving a lamp or moving to the other side of your desk you throw a curveball at your brain and you start noticing a change. This, to me, is what inspires some "out of the box" thinking. If your mind is already adjusting to a new environment it seems to be open to other changes or new ideas that flow into your work. I'm not sure what actually goes on scientifically, but it does change your mood and mood is super crucial to productivity and creativity. This is where others begin to question when you say things like "I just wasn't feeling working over there and needed a change". Either way, know that it is important and it is something that you have to address yourself to stay health y and ahead of burn out. Even a simple flick of the blinds up instead of down can make a difference.

Bottom line for me is if an environment isn't important, then why did God create so many beautiful things for us and a vast array of environments in the world? If we were a people that could live off beige and tan, then why all the color? Why all the beauty in nature?

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Love this post. Thanks for taking the time to write it out. Powerful things definitely happen around the 4 pillars and it is great having a seat for it.

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My wife and I met as camp counselors at a christian camp in the summer of 2001. She is/was legitimately the only girl that ever gave me butterflies in my stomach. She was secretly voted the hottest girl counselor by all the guy counselors, and when I shared with my guy friends that I liked her, the stakes were even higher. Especially since I was no where near the top of the "hottest guy counselors of 2001" list.

As I began my pursuit, I failed in every way possible. I tried to be cool, and ended up looking like a tool. I tried to be distant and she thought I was a jerk. I tried to act like a male model, but I was never an ambi-turner. The only thing that worked was note passing. The best part was we were not allowed to let the kids know we were dating, so I had them secretly deliver her notes. It was something that still holds a special place in our hearts. We have kept some of those letters of our early love. I was such an idiot, but can you blame me? She was WAAAAY out of my league.

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Man. I pray that non-believers can see the stupidity here. I can't imagine someone sitting and listening to this and thinking "This is exactly what I needed to hear". I pray for vision for this impotent pastor. I pray his eyes are opened to what God has in store for his people.

Plus you gotta think he wouldn't be so mad if he actually had tried guitar hero. =)

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I still can't get my head around what was going through his mind. We need revival, not condemnation of others. I still wonder if there is any fruit that can come out of a message calling other people out. This is why I love the Jesus Creed so much. Plain, simple, straight to the point.

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I mean wow. I am almost speechless. You make the perfect Robin. wow.

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Dude! You parked your car directly in front of a fire hydrant. Did you get a ticket? Did you get towed? If not then you were shown some serious grace!

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I heard the conference went well.