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you agree? the country is not worth fighting for (in any sense)?

As I said nga GabbyD, and as also explained quite comprehensively by BongV, lumang tugtugin na yan. Your belief that there is a fight to be fought is just a legacy of what was ingrained in your head for years by these bozo politicians and the Media spindoctors who are under the payroll of these powerbrokers.

Try to think independently of these influences and try not to be a victim of clever marketing.

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You know what? The pictures you are uploading still show up as broken links on the right-hand panel.

How hard is it, dude? :D

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Agree. But the trouble is, as I wrote earlier:

[...] what are supposedly the most “intelligent” of consumers of the information brokered by those business entitites [the Media, and others that make a business of trading in information] clump around to feast upon their products like ravenous pigeons milling around a handful of breadcrumbs thrown out by a passerby

and then these "experts" go on to

[...] micro-analys[e] and micro-speculat[e] on the minutiae of the suspect motives, suspect sentiments, suspect decisions, and suspect actions of the who’s-who of Philippine political circuses.

... which I think is the whole tragedy behind this pack of demagogues -- supposedly our society's thought leaders. From them supposedly emanates the beacon from which "the segment which has the numerical advantage" could have taken their cue. Instead we merely have the same kind of thinking packaged in multi-syllabic but mono-dimensional "analysis". Right Primer? :-D

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Here here! The salvation of our dysfunctional society does not lie in government nor in politics. It lies at the very fabric of society itself. For our politicians -- and the manner by which we scrutinise and speculate on the minutiae of their comings and goings, the nature of our expectations of them, and the qualities by which we choose to evaluate them -- reflect the depth and substance of our society.

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Sayaw, Pinoy, sayaw...

Get Real Philippines!

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Eqo worship

By Anton Java
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 15:46:00 03/18/2008


Speaking at the University of San Carlos, [Lozada] again said his cause is to “seek the truth,” but his trips obviously have a “down with Arroyo” flavor to it. If his intention really was to seek the truth, why do he and his followers ostracize those who would ask him questions contrary to their cause? “Ostracize” is even putting it mildly, because instead of answering those questions by simply clearly explaining the “truth” he claims to push for, his followers instead kick out and threaten to beat up the person asking the question, while Lozada does nothing to stop it. So what if a person asks questions that imply things contrary to Lozada’s “cause”? If Lozada and his ilk do intend to seek the truth, shouldn’t he and his followers listen to all sides – even highly critical questions – to find out what the truth is? But what Lozada and company are doing is not seeking the truth, it’s to press on people what they believe to be the truth. Whether or not it is actually the truth is a matter of debate, and it’s a debate they probably think they can’t win, otherwise they would have simply provided counter-arguments to critical questions. Instead, they kick out the person asking the question. That’s the kind of reaction one would get from people who know their arguments can’t hold water, much less the truth. The truth hurts. And Lozada and company were obviously hurt.

That person who was kicked out was right. It WAS quite obvious what that (not-so-) open forum was all about, and it was not about seeking the truth. It was not even a good attempt at pushing what Lozada thinks is the truth.


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Who gives a shit about Jun Lozada? It was he himself that turned the whole thing into a circus. Check out this part of a thread in that almost serves as a commentary over most of the period when this circus most captured the public's minds.

I saw it myself on Bandila and posted what I saw in that forum:

A student was physically removed from one of the assemblies being addressed by Lozada as part of his circus/tour.

All this student was doing was asking why Lozada was doing what he was doing and why he wasn't instead directing all this energy through the proper legal channels where processes are in place to investigate, evaluate, and RESOLVE these things.

I saw it all on ABS-CBN's Bandila news program last night. The irony there (yet another one lost in the vacuous minds of Pinoys) is that this student as a result of this, managed to express his views on global Pinoy television..


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Ba't ganun? Even when you seem to do the right thing (like upload a photo for your article), sablay pa rin ang labas (there is still a broken link in the 'Recent Posts' section on the righ-had pane of the webpage).

Is it really that hard?

nyek nyek

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Actually Pinoys don't need a person like me to make them look like fools.

Erap and Cory did that job for me already.