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12 years ago @ View from a Farley - Marriage · 1 reply · +1 points

I love you sound all objective until the end, when you call them religious nuts. According to the Bible being gay is a sin. What most people don't realize is that according to the Bible it is also a sin to swear, eat too much, be jealous, get mad, be selfish. God forgives us of these sins. I think people blow homosexuality way out of the water. It's just another sin. People treat gay people like they are demons or something spawned of satan, but they don't think twice about their pastor who is many hundreds of pounds overweight. They will kick a gay person out of their church, and get road rage on the way home. In this way most christians are hypocrites. I would accept legalizing gay marriage. I think gay people are great. There is such a hatred towards them by most christians though. If my family knew my views on this subject they would kick me out, and I'm only 16. I'm dead serious. If my family knew I thought it was ok to be gay, they would not acknowledge me as a son anymore. My friends wouldn't talk to me either. Christians are actually missing a great opportunity to reach many people just because they're gay. I think who you have sex with should be between you and that person. No one else needs to get in the middle of that. Well that's just my opinion.

12 years ago @ View from a Farley - Computer Science · 1 reply · +1 points

Exciting. I am 99 percent sure I will study computer science in college too. There is a saying that can really help you choose a career path. It goes something like "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." Obviously this isn't true because everyone has bad days, but the general principle is solid. I love playing with computers, and I would love to make that my career.

P.S. In the very last sentence of the post, I think you me to say "be" happy. :)

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I don't remember exactly how I found you, but I know it was through twitter. I got on twitter and was looking for people to follow. So, when @nealcampbell and @calilewis post a tweet with an @someoneelse in it I follow them too. I usually trust that if Neal and Cali are friends with someone that they must be pretty good people. I think they did a tweet about your blog or you or something and I found you that way.

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David's comment got me thinking more than the video did. We need to take a long look at ourselves, not our government. If you really really wanted to be rich, you could be. You could right now go back to school and learn to be a doctor or a lawyer or anything you wanted to. You could scale the heights and collect lots of money. Poor people in America like to blame the rich people for their problems. The real problem is they are lazy. I am not rich. I'm only a teenager. But, I'm not blaming any rich person for being rich, or for wanting more money. I think David is right. This is all about greed. Americans need to work harder and be more content. God (is real) has blessed us a whole lot! So far this year none of my family has died in car bombings or has been slaughtered by genocide. I am very thankful to God for letting me grow up in America!

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Looks like you had fun! What program do you use to edit your videos? Very funny made me laugh. Happy Friday every one!

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My favorite thing about summer is... Going running everyday in the morning.

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Something has to happen. We can not go on paying these unbelievable prices for everything. Something will crack. It will probably end up ruining our economy for years to come. We need a new technology that will allow us to use renewable energy to transport us and our goods. A technology like this " ". We need a major American car company to buy this company soon. They need to make an american road worthy car from this tech, and sell it to us before 2010. Look on my blog ( ) tomorrow for a post about possible solutions to this problem.

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These guidelines could be helpful in everything from choosing a career to getting in shape to running a blog that only one person reads. LOL thanks for sharing!

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I'd have to give twitter my vote. I've posted about Social Networks a lot on my blog.