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This is true. People need to look into the background of MP's to see why they are totally anti British and are doing everything they can to destroy our people.

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Agreed Vernon, read Frankfurt School. They are not Christians they are trying to destroy Christianity.
If we are so bad shouldn't they be trying to save us?

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You're insulting the pig Lawrence.

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Because they want to replace the population! They are all traitors including UKIP.

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There must be thousands of people looking in on our site, maybe you are undecided but you must realise we are telling the truth. Our country is in great peril. The BNP is the only answer. You must surely know that the other parties are all liars and want to destroy our lands and peoples. Time is running out. Vote and support the BNP now! Tomorrow will be to late.

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Just read on line. At least you can add your comments on line. Don't give these traitors any money. The invasion of our country couldn't have happened without them and the BNP would definitely be in power without their lies!

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Nice one mate!

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Well said Andrew. The job situation here for the indigenous population is really bleak.

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Thought it was already. How many truly British people are in there?

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These PC freaks care more about continuing the multi cultural nightmare than protecting our children. They too deserve the rope!