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The depressing part? I heard the same argument that the lead pro choice advocates are horny frat dudes at my T-3 law school from a highly respected visiting professor. I was so shocked i couldn't even respond. It's not intelligence, it's an unwillingness to look at how society is actually functioning; rather than through wingnut-tinted goggles.

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Ferragamo owes this kid a belt -- a whole lot of free press for the crummy belt.

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I mean, the sad part is it seems two of the adults did try to take on the shooter -- the Principal and the psychologist... So besides being dumb and irreparably stupid, it's insensitive.

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Didn't Gawker just have this exact same article? People need to stop writing stupid shit about Taylor Swift, because I'm suppose to make fun of her, not defend her.

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Ya, wtf is up with that? Maybe it's the b... oh, never-mind.

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Where in the Bible does it say you can't tap some vulnerable 14 year old boy in the ass, and coerce him to keep this quiet forever, all the while explaining in group that all sexual activity before marriage is bad????

...and sexual activity between two consenting adults who happen to be of the same-sex is a sin.

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Because the people in the towers weren't mass-murderers? So it's very different.

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I'm just praying it's an actual black man, and not James O'Keefe in blackface.

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Ya, I got through the first "sentence" and was like, eff this.

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Yes, you can get a lot more Catholic. Try any other country with a hint of Catholicism. The Spanish are a super non-Catholic country, due in large part to that dictator they hated who had a man-crush on Catholicism -- and it was mutual.

I get your point though.