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I think that the states should provide housing for the Reps and Senators. The state should foot the bill to help remind these people who they work for. For security's sake, i would keep them all in one secure location.

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I am tired of hearing about how we need to go outdoors to enjoy the world. (Code talk for, "you are fat, I know how to make you skinny because you are too lazy".) I live in one of the hottest places in the world. I live in a desert and heck no, it ain't pretty!!! I enjoy my air conditioned house that we bought because a bank knew that my family was responsible with our own money, and we pay our mortgage every month. I am tired of people calling me fat. If I followed my BMI index I would fly away in the breeze. I like the weight I am at and look just like my relatives as far back as there were pictures. This is who I am and I don't need some skinny tall guy from Kenya (as in ancestry) with a wife who tones ONLY her arms (yay, my pinky toe is pretty dainty), telling me what I should look like.

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I love that idea. I refused to get a teaching degree in history because it only required that I take three history classes verses the nine I took for a history major. Three are just not enough.

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I attended a gifted conference a few weeks ago. Over and over again it seemed like they were trying to frame giftedness as a Special Needs category so they could qualify for federal Special Needs funding. I thought that it was rather insulting and backwards. The term "twice blessed" was used to describe children who tested as gifted but also had special needs, behavior problems, etc. That is fine and all but are the needs of my kids and the twice blessed kids really being met when they are put into a class where the pace is faster and they are expected to sit and listen?

From what I have seen, no. I can not elaborate any further since I had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I can step on campus. I can not talk about the disruptive behavior of the students I have personally seen who have to be physically removed by their teacher from a classroom or run out of the room, their teacher trailing behind them, leaving my children alone to fend for themselves. But I digress.

Back to my point. America will not thrive as long as we hamstring the brightest among us and coddle those on the other hand who don't even realize they are different.

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That's the first time this man has saved the American public a dime. Hopefully he never makes it over there.

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Don't let a crisis go to waste!!! Have them register for their temp visa and then ship them off to Mass. to vote on Tuesday. Seriously, I am sure Janet announced this with a big smile on her face since she hopes that these policies have only just begun. I had no idea that Homeland Security was incharge and had the power to determine who could stay in this country and who could go. I thought they were charged with keeping people out of this country who would do us harm. I thought that visas were something the State Department or ICE would cover. Total Chaos.

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I saw them all out in force in Phoenix on Monday. This is a group of people who have either been conditioned to let the check magically appear in the mail every month or to think that by allowing that to happen reflects on how good they are. I saw the SEIU summer interns coralling the masses and they did not put up with any "trouble makers" like my friends and I who did not follow THE barked out orders and walk in the prescibed manner on a public sidewalk. These people tuned out long ago.

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Don't forget the cash for "school supplies" program that also went awry in NY. People were shoving little babies up against the window for their "slice of the pie"

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If the failure of this program is not the last nail in the coffin of our local car dealerships, I don't know what is. This is theft and destruction of a dying industry. Shame on Congress and Shame on President Obama.

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I recieved a letter in response to an email about global-warming and cap and trade that I had sent several weeks later and John went on and on about how he and his pal Liberman have been working so hard to make sure America hamstrings itself by regulating itself to death but that the House Bill was too harsh...that is until he finds out that Cap and Trade was the first bill written by a baby seal, then he will HAVE to vote for it because you know...come on a baby seal.