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A while I guess!

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Yeah I hope they are loading it up with meat! We are giving him "balanced" Friskies now. I think there are meats.

Thanks for the job offer, I'll require $75,000 a year after taxes.

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Nope I stole it from Google. But I am sure it looked like that up in the trees. Maybe.

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I am happy to hear about your ToyotaLife

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Agreed! Talk to Jessy and we'll figure something out.

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Think I've made this before, without the Twin Bings and plus some cheese!

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yeah i know

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I ended up buying some wagyu myself and cooking it at home. I couldn't keep it quite hot enough to stay REALLY HOT while we were eating it, but the top grade stuff was deliciously melty in the mouth. We have decided to try a restaurant some time soon though, just to see how it compares to my home-cookin'.

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Oh, the poor likkle shrine kippies! (<3 Jessica)

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1. No we're both here teaching through JET. I just never happened to attend a school that offered Japanese language instruction!

2. The independent study is in the form of a monthly manual/CD and a hiragana/katakana/kanji workbook. You fill in the test each month and send it in and get the new book. Each one has 20 lessons I think. It seems okay so far, we just got the first one last week. The peer community seems to be up on it anyway. I'd rather have some classes, not that I have a shitload of time for them anyway. But classes would be ideal.