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Awesome. I just bought tickets to the season opener Seahawks vs. 49ers game on 9/11 in SF. I guess I won't be repping my blue and green to that game after all.

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It's funny to see so many people with egg on their faces who were shouting "MUSLIM TERRORISTS!! MUSLIM TERRORISTS!!!" when the story first broke and the media is no better. I don't condone any form of terrorism, no matter who it's carried out by, but it's sad to see just how brainwashed people have become here in the US, automatically assuming any act of terror is instantly related to Islamic terrorism. We should be grieving for the Norwegians, not trying to be the first person to point the finger of blame at the easiest target. My heart goes out to anyone that lost someone today in Norway and I hope that we can learn from this tragedy rather than use it to foster more bad blood and hatred.

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No! I'm a lover not a hater! I love my boys even if they are pretty stupid sometimes. At least they're entertaining :)

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Exactly! Which is why I stay back and just watch it all unfold :)

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I just let all of my stupid guy friends waste their own money on fireworks and play witness to all of their drunken tomfoolery. A couple of years ago the geniuses decided it would be a good idea to have a roman candle fight and one guy got hit in the leg. Luckily his injury wasn't serious, but I bet you $10 he'll be lighting them off again this year, and I'll just laugh, shake my head and enjoy the show.

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I wonder if this was the same cab driver I had a couple of weekends ago...

First, I asked him to take 99 (we were in North Seattle going to Belltown) but he insisted that I-5 was faster. It wasn't. We arrived AFTER our friends who were in a second cab and left the same time as we did. He wildly weaved through traffic on the freeway, never used his turn signal once and narrowly avoided running down two bike cops downtown while coming to a very abrupt stop after illegally changing lanes.

I chose to do the responsible thing and take a cab because I had been drinking, but I'm pretty sure I could have driven safer while drunk than that cab driver did. I really should have gotten his Cab number and called the company to report him. Cab drivers around here can be crazy!

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I hope it gets nice for 4th of July and we don't have a repeat of the downpour that we had last year! This year I have camping plans all weekend and I'm really hoping that I'll get to use my swimsuit and sunscreen more than my rain jacket and tent tarp. One can only dream :)

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I do actually know what re-claiming means. It's the same concept that they use in the Vagina Monologues scene "Reclaiming C*nt." It's also the same premise that the gay community has used for the word queer. The gay community has been fairly successful with reclaiming queer, however the campaign to reclaim the c-word has not been so successful.

My point was to say that instead of trying to reclaim a word that already has such a bad meaning, we should as women, try to come up with a positive word for a woman who is open and confident about her sexuality.

Please do not accuse others of being close minded before you really listen to what they are saying. I chose not to attend the event not because I was close minded or disagreed with the message, but because I disagreed with the way the message was being executed.

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I agree with the premise of this event, but I think the way they went about it was wrong. I know a few of my friends participated in this event, and I was invited to, but declined. While I do agree that a women has every right to wear what she wants and not be verbally or physically assaulted, I'm not sure that trying to reclaim the word "slut" is the right idea. What we should be focusing on is trying to come up with a positive word for self assured women who are comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. I believe someone further up made a comment about how there are no words that are positively associated with a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality.

But I do have to say that as a young woman who frequents the bar scene, I know what I'm doing when I wear a sexy dress and super high heels. Does that mean that because I choose to dress in a certain manner sometimes that I deserve to be raped or assaulted? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But, on the other hand, do I get super offended when I catch a man staring a bit too long? Not really. I am confident in what I wear and if I really didn't want any attention drawn to myself, I would choose to wear a more conservative outfit. My only real complaint about gawking comes when it's 7:15 AM and I'm standing at the bus stop in my office clothes (slacks and a blouse or a nice, more conservative dress and stockings with lower heels) and I get cat-called or honked at. Dude, come on... I'm at a bus stop. It's 7:15 in the morning.... leave me alone, grrr.

Either way, I think the way we view women in our current culture does need to be re-examined, but I think holding a "Slut Walk" may not be the best way to initiate this conversation.

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Oh yeah! Good point! I'll definitely be wearing my blue and green proudly!