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First off, Guantanamo never should have been closed... and definitely not for the B.S reasons given (by a "Community Organizer"). But with that out of the way, I think that the Hardin facility is a great idea. The facility has been empty for a couple years and there has got to be money and jobs in it for the community and surrounding area.The terrain is pretty flat, unpleasant on foot and I doubt that the terrorists, did I just say that, hum, "Enemy Combatants" (is that the word of the day or did I miss the newest memo) would have a hard time really "getting lost in the crowd".There are several military bases relatively close to the area, the ranchers, Sheriffs offices, etc. are all pretty tight knit, and folks just watch out for one another.
If Montana wants them and can keep them secure and us safe then I say let them have them. But I think that the Border Patrol should be bumped up a few +++ notches on both sides of the northern border, just for giggles.
I really don't understand the arrogance, or is it hatred for the United States of America, that is driving this regime?
May God almighty bless America.

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I agree with some of your comments, but we must stand together to bring down the "Machine of Oboma". He is elected officially. This has been planed and delivered to us on a silver platter. But, we must do it organized and peacefully. WE THE PEOPLE, that is what they will fear. They work for us!!!