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You might well be right. It could also be that there is a video of this incident that makes clear exactly to what extent her behaviour was over the top.

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It seems to me that if the PMO wanted to shield Guergis, there'd be some strong talking points out there (possibly about work- related- stress, ie, spin it as evidence of how hard the minister works). It doesn't seem to me that this is happening. In particular on the comment-rich cbc board, there is a conspicuous dirth of conservative apologists. I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but it doesn't appear to bode well for Helena.

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Mr Geddes, you are incorrect. An absurdity cannot 'cry out' because it isn't a person.

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I wonder now, a day later, if the latest polls make the Harper government more or less confortable with the Canadian people...

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I'm good for April. Every so often the electorate should recalibrate parliament, eh?

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"The more comfortable our government becomes with the Canadian people, the more partisanship becomes the domain of the Opposition." Steven Harper, Jan 05 2010.
I still can't get over this nugget-of-weirdness style ending. The idea that the government needs to become more comfortable with Canadians is bizarre and there is no clear link between this and the assertion that follows. What happened in Steve's brain, eh? I am handing this one over to my Lacanian Analyst, we'll see what she says. :P

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Geez, Mr Wells, have some mercy. Why don't you just ask them what they REALLY think, eh? Between you and the K'Omonster, with the meta and the baiting, what exactly are we media recipticles to make of it all (more to the point and brackety: what are we all to make of it that wouldn't itself be just as dubious as your own contributions)? :| I think postmodernism is mean. Where's my TROOFS, DAG NABBIT? :|

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Teaser: "Neither poverty nor the experience of political repression alone seem to provide a satisfactory explanation for why young people actively seek out death in a grand bloody finale and aim to take as many people with them as possible. Is there a phenotype that displays the same characteristics down the ages and across all classes and cultures?"
H. M. E., "The radical loser"

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The radical loser
"Hans Magnus Enzensberger looks at the kind of ideological trigger required to ignite the radical loser - whether amok killer, murderer or terrorist - and make him explode"

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Thanks, and I agree with your conclusion. Not bloody likely. However, it is inevitable that both sides will argue the other is to blame for the impasse. What is striking, in this, is how unified the opposition is. We have, once again, a truly polarized government, and when that is also a minority government, well... I won't even say it, but rather skip right to my favorite part: Indeed.