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At this point I don't blame the troublemakers, I blame the impotent referees who come out in bulk but won't lift a finger to save Vince McMahon himself.

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Ruby and Becky are my two favorite ladies in the company right now, and I would really love to see them go at it one-on-one. But I'm afraid we'll be seeing a rushed match with run-ins from the Squad and Becky's mates, unless the Squad's already ringside to blatantly interfere.

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The title just got me thinking of that scene from An Officer and a Gentleman.

El Patron: "I got nowhere else to go!"

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That's just it. Ronda's not a big woman but I'm pretty sure she's going to steamroll anyone who isn't Asuka, Jax, or fellow MMA'er Sonya. Which would I fear "degrade" the middle / upper middle tier of wrestlers who are the majority. And for what? Some celebrity idolization and spotlight stealing when most people who would be her fans already watched Rousey's brand collapse.

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I think Baylor would be a cool team, going back to their NXT antics.

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I think I'd rather have Snookie than Rousey!

The female wrestlers - those transitioning from the Divas era and those injected from NXT - have worked so hard to attain this much cred, I have little interest in seeing them put over a female Lesnar. Well, that's perhaps too harsh, as Lesnar's forgotten more wrestling tools than Ronda might hope to gain, though I wonder if she'll also be a part-timer.

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It's disappointing but hardly surprising. It's been a long time since Stephanie mentioned that his treatment was in the six figures. I've encountered a number of alcoholics and it's drained my sympathy, but I know it's more complicated than simply stopping. There are chemical, behavioral, and psychosocial factors.

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Man, I turned 38 this year too. Maybe it's not too late to move east and show up at the Power Pla--, I mean, the Performance Center?

Yeah... maybe I'll just go walk a few miles instead...