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What's all this about BLM? I don't give a crap about that.

The only thing that's interested me in this story is whether the Hulkster could provide an acceptable apology. Turns out he's still Leo Rushing it.

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Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't post-mastectomy. Maybe it was to improve her aerodynamics when moving in the ring?

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I'll just bet.

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Why are they getting on Meltzer's case? They should be going after the ones who body-shamed Peyton into getting those implants!

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I don't think they're wrong to look out for animal maltreatment (see BLACKFISH documentary) but the shame game on a family trip is pretty obnoxious.

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It's as though the needle's gone so far to one side that it's now come up on the other end.

Growing up, we were told to set aside hate and be tolerant. Nowadays it seems like we still need to be tolerant and set aside acceptance since intolerance is the flip-side of that bloody coin.

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Glad to have her back.

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Gunn is of the generation when you could call a kid a [a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel] on the playground. He was one of the creative talents behind Troma.

His old jokes of 10 years ago were worthy of censure and disciplinary action, not his freaking job.

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It's Kane! IT'S KANE!!

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Thank you, Triple H.

I'm sure him fathering three daughters was no small inspiration to the female revolution which started in NXT.