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Well...I always suspected the Nazi leaders were in the closet...the GOP has shown us what horrible weirdness can erupt when human nature is constrained, denied and stifled.

And the Nazis were way worse than the GOP. Striking uniforms, though.

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Living in Alabama: It's not a right, it's a sentence.

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If that is the quality China, errr CHAPMAN U employs, I'd go elsewhere.

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It's weird how people can see the exact same thing and come away with radically different observations.
For example, the dropping birth rate. I don't blame it on the rise of secularism, or marriage equality. It's obvious that people are not having children until later in life, because that's when they feel they can afford to give them a good upbringing. A family with children where both parents work is barely a family at all, children raise themselves on tv and the internet, and there are these big people there sometimes who give them stuff. Smart people aren't having kids they can't afford. God's will has nothing to do with it. It's the economy, stupid!

I agree, the Mormons are certainly smarter than Scientology, which is probably close to what Mormonism would be if the original con man, Joseph Smith, were a paranoid sociopath like L. Ron Hubbard. But, isn't exhorting your congregation to annoy your elected representatives really crossing the line between church n' state? And, just a shout out to the cash-strapped Federal Government, if the Mormon church lost its tax exempt status, they are worth a whole lotta money and you can have some!

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If they want to play politics, they're going to have to pay. And by 'pay,' I mean, give up that tasty tax exemption for religion, because religions aren't supposed to dabble in influence.

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Hate speech leads to bullying. Hate speech from an authority figure, like a coach, legitimizes bullying.

So he's going to be influencing a pack of Onward Xian Soldiers bullies who are going to thing it's ok to give young James a swirly because he seems effeminate.

At this point, people, all y'alls with kids in school need to start working your local PTA meetings and ensure that there is a NO STRIKES policy in place instead of this vaguely focused looking the other way policy that seems to be employed in so many schools. You need to demand that your kids' schools take bullying complaints seriously, and that anyone guilty of terrorizing other students lose any extracurricular privileges, regardless of status as sports hero or cheerleader cumdumpster.

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And another Dominionist bible-thumping ass-clown comes out of the closet. Add to list of People Too Crazy To Vote For. And by crazy, I mean 'willfully ignorant.' Cuz that's just nuts, right?

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A corrupt person promises not to be corrupt again.

That's like a proven liar promising never to lie again.

You buyin' it? I'm not. I'm a big fan of One Strike in situations like this.

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Presumanably this is what passes for "humor" amongst you and your ilk. Nasty, small-minded, meanspirited humor.

Now make a joke about Indian givers and gypsies why don't ya?

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If it were simply vandalizing a national monument, 'hunker down' might have worked. However, there's that insurance fraud thing.

Insurance frogs don't like being defrauded. And they will start turning over rocks to find where he's hunkered down. His "loss of joy of life" is just beginning...